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So you’ve decided to start learning English? Congrats! Learning a new language is an amazing journey and you will be grateful you’ve made that decision. But a lot of people often say that learning English is not useful and that it will not help them in their lives. How are they wrong ! In today’s post, GlobalExam will show you why learning English is so important so you can properly answer these people each time they tell you otherwise!

Top 10 reasons why you should learn English.
→ Courses by level: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
→ Our tips to stay focused and motivated while learning english.
Learn English online with General English: an efficient and practical solution developed by GlobalExam.

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Top 10 reasons you should start learning english today

1. It’s an international language.

English is the most commonly used language and there are millions of people around the world speaking it (more than 400 million). No matter where you are in the world, you will certainly meet someone that speaks English.

2. It will help you in your career (or future career)

As an international language, English is also commonly used in a lot of different job fields and careers. The need for development as well as the urge to become international made a lot of companies take the decision to hire people that can speak English. If you work in something more touristic or in a touristic region (such as museums and monuments but also restaurants, bars etc.) you will also need English to communicate with foreigners.

3. It will help you if you travel abroad (english or non english speaking countries)

When traveling to other countries (that are not countries speaking your native tongue), one of the hardest things to get by is the language. There are so many English speaking countries that you will be able to travel anywhere in the world and not be too stressed out by the language: Canada, Australia, The United States, Barbados, Belize, Jamaica… and so many more! Which is why learning pronunciation is also very important !

But the best part is, you can travel in non-English speaking countries too. Countries such as Germany, Sweden, India and many others have a lot of people that can speak English.

4. Learning a new language helps memory, concentration

It’s scientifically proven: learning a new language helps improve your memory as well as your concentration. The need for memorizing and learning grammar rules and new vocabulary words really trains your brain to hold new information.

5. It will expose you to new cultures

As we already said, learning English will allow you to travel stress free in many countries around the world. This also means that it will also enable you to discover a lot of different cultures, customs and people from all around the globe.

6. Make new friends from all around the world

With the easy access we have to the internet knowing English will allow you to talk with strangers and make new friends from any country, the language will not be an obstacle anymore.

7. It will help you to learn other languages (especially germanic ones)

Learning a language can really help you learn another one. The mechanics, the rules, the way you learn vocabulary… your brain is trained to all of these aspects when you learn a language. This means that if you decide to learn a second language, it will only be easier and quicker for you! It will get extra easy if you decide to learn a germanic language (such as german) because of how close they are in their structures and vocabulary.

8. English is the language of the internet and many other fields

English is the main language of so many different fields too. It’s the main language of the Internet (which is already important enough) but if you work in the sciences, business or even computing fields, you will notice that a lot of words are English (even if you don’t live in an English speaking country). So not only knowing English will help you get a job in these different fields but it will also allow you to read articles and research papers if you’re just interested in these subjects.

9. Its culture is everywhere

English is not only in different industries. It’s literally everywhere. The majority of movies, TV series, songs and media are in English! This makes learning the language so easy as you can find many resources to learn with. It also makes enjoying the language and its culture so accessible too.

10. It’s a whole other experience you should not miss.

Now, this is the best reason why you should learn English. The English language is easy to learn, will give you access to so many job or travelling opportunities, brings different cultures and people together but most importantly, it is an enjoyable experience in itself. The whole process of learning a language is full of ups and downs, of discoveries, it will help you gain confidence, it will train your brain to new mechanics and most important of all, it will show you new cultures and learn about a lot of different people. Every language is an open eye to its culture and the English language surely is a big one.

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Resources to Learn English For Beginners And Advanced Users

If you’ve decided to learn English, know that there are tons of resources online.

  • If you’re a beginner, you can look into ESL resources online (English as a Second Language) . They are especially meant for beginners in English. They often are very ludic and fun so you don’t bore yourself out and drop everything.
  • If you’re an adult and already have some basics in English, then you should focus more on online training programs. A lot of these websites also have blogs to read and articles (such as this one) that will help you improve your skills where you feel you need the most.
    If you have kids and want them to learn english, there are also many resources, websites and applications available.

Our tips to stay focused and motivated while learning English

Here you will find five tips that will help you stay focused while learning English:

Tip#1: Don’t overwhelm yourself with big goals

Take smaller steps instead. This will ensure you don’t overwhelm yourself with goals that are way too unrealistic and help you stay focused in your learning journey. Whenever you feel low, just have a look at your goals and remember why you’re doing this.

Tip#2: Practice makes perfect

Practice, over and over again. Allow yourself to breathe in between practices. But there are no secrets to learning a new language: you have to practice it to master it. But it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Find fun games and activities to help you in your daily practice.

Tip#3: Be consistent

Remember that consistency is key. It is way better to practice for 10 minutes a day rather than 2 hours every 3 weeks. Study a little every day.

Tip#4: Learn with things you enjoy

To help you stay motivated and focused (and to keep yourself entertained while learning!) find mini games and fun activities to help you. Replace your boring, repetitive grammar exercises by vocab/grammar focused activities.

Tip#5: Don’t be afraid

Do not be afraid to make mistakes. It is completely normal and is the key to a healthy learning. Mistakes are how you learn. If you never make mistakes, something is wrong. So take a deep breath and keep trusting yourself.

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Learn English online : an efficient and practical solution

Of all the supports you have access to, the internet might be the best there is. It is a true gold mine and you will be able to find everything you need: entertaining mini games, great lessons, engaging activities, efficient exercises, videos, podcasts, audio books… There is everything you need ! And most of it is for free.

So you have no excuses to not start learning English. You can start by learning the alphabet via songs and videos on Youtube. Get simple grammar rules on BBC’s learning English. Train your vocabulary on Quizlet. There are so many ways to learn, to test your skills or to just have fun while learning English online.

Master the international language thanks to our general english program

If you’re not sure where to start your learning journey, GlobalExam got you covered. Our online General English program will help you get started if you’re a beginner, but it will also help you train and improve your English if you’re already familiar with English. Training with us will give you access to:

  • An academic training that is fun and engaging so you can evolve with confidence.
  • In-depth corrections so you can make sure you understand everything and progress at your own rhythm.
  • Revision sheets that are accessible anytime you need.

Our objective is to help you gain trust in yourself and your learnings but to also keep you on track so you don’t drop everything. What are you waiting for? Hop on with us and let’s learn English together!