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Learning English can be an exciting journey because of how many resources there are available online. But you have to be careful about what you choose and how you want to learn. Maybe you just want to have fun and turn to online games to learn a few English words. Or maybe you really want to improve your knowledge of the English language and go towards grammar focused websites. In this new post, GlobalExam will show you how to make the best of your online learning of English Grammar!

→ Steps to follow to learn English Grammar.
→ Why is it important to learn Grammar?
→ Our tips to learn Grammar efficiently + what you should focus on learning.
Polish up your grammar skills with our General English course.

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How to learn English grammar: 6 steps to follow

If you have decided to explore more about English Grammar (or you just want to learn English.) then here are 6 essential steps you should follow:

Step#1: Plan your studying

In other words, set a goal and add small steps to complete along the way. Try to avoid setting unreachable goals (like: “I want to be fluent in 2 weeks”) instead, focus on what you want and WHY you want to learn English. It will help you define a goal. Then, break it down into smaller steps.

For example: I want to travel to Scotland next year.

I want to learn irregular verbs.

I want to improve my conversation skills.

These are examples of what your main goal can be. Starting from this, you can break them down into smaller goals such as learn 20 new words and 5 grammar rules per month or learn 1 verb tense every two months etc. This will help you stay focused and ensure you will not overwhelm yourself with unrealistic goals.

dictionary page on letter g

Step#2: Learn basic grammar words in YOUR language

Be sure you know what a “subject”, an “adjective” or a “verb” are. If you don’t even know what function they have in your own language, it will be difficult for you to know what they are and what they mean in English. Know the different parts of speech along with some vocab words related to each category so you really understand what they mean and you can notice them quicker.

The most important parts of speech you should absolutely know by heart are explained to you later in this article (part 3) so keep on reading.

Step#3: Review the basics (sentence structures, speech parts, simple tenses etc) and practice them with exercises or mini games

Do not overflow yourself with tons of different rules and exercises. Just keep focused on one topic and/or one rule at a time and practice it over and over until you know it perfectly. Only then you can move on to the next thing to learn. Do not forget to work on your pronunciation as well while you do this process.

Step#4: Find good resources you want to stick with

Finding good resources that are entertaining can really help you transform something really boring into something you look forward to doing. You do not like grammar? Verbs? Find a website that uses mini games focused on the topic you do not like and practice. There are also many apps that allow you to practice English while playing.

Step#5: Keep track of your learnings

Note down new vocabulary words, new grammar rules as well as an example each time. This will give you a diversity of support in which you can access what you have learned.

It will also help you note down patterns you recognize (“-ed” for simple past tenses, “-y” for adverbs etc.) so you can spot these quicker next time you encounter one of them.

Step#6: As always, be consistent. Study every day or at least every other day. Taking pauses are as important but be regular in your learning

Keep in mind that working on a grammar rule 5 minutes a day every day is way better than working on it for 3 hours every 2 months.

The more you practice regularly, the better it will stick in your mind and the sooner you will be able to move on to another set of rules. (also meaning the quicker you will be able to speak English.)

English Grammar: why is it so important to learn it?

Learning English is very important for countless reasons. The same applie sto grammer. The grammar system is the key to any language. It is the set of rules that helps to structure a language and give it meaning. And English grammar is easier than most people realize. Each language has its own particularities and that’s why it is very important because grammar is the skeleton of a language. It dictates how to make proper sentences and how to communicate so other people can understand what you’re trying to say. It also helps explaining how sentences are built, how the language is the way it is and what differentiates it from another one. Again, it is the core of any language.

On a more practical point, knowing your grammar will help you learn English more efficiently. It will ensure that you do not make mistakes and avoid misunderstandings when talking to natives. With this, knowing about grammar also enables you another marvellous thing: each and every language in the world is an open window to its culture and its people. It will allow you to connect to other people, other traditions and fascinating minds.

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How to learn English grammar: tips and things to know

1. If you want to start learning English and dive into its grammar, here are our tips to learn English Grammar efficiently:

  • First, don’t try to learn everything at once. Start small (start with the parts of speech) learn them and UNDERSTAND them.
  • Then, do exercises, mini games via websites or apps to ensure they stick in your brain.
  • Build up your vocabulary, it will help you so much with grammar. Note the translations of every new word you have, put an image if you can to illustrate it and note the part of speech it belongs to. Then, you can note a sentence or two to see the word in context.
  • Find good websites and resources: try to choose a wide variety of exercises and things to do; it will keep you from being bored and keep you entertained and motivated. Watch movies, listen to podcasts, play games… just pick something you enjoy doing to complete your learnings.
  • Practice verb forms: write a sentence with the words you know and rewrite it in the tenses you know. Practice makes perfect.
  • Pick up and read some important English grammar books. They present all the basic information in a very concise manner.

2. To help you get started about learning grammar, here are the most important parts of speech you should absolutely know:

  • Noun. (either proper or common)
    They represent a person, a place, something, an idea, a concept.

Example: cat, girl, Paris, chair, feeling, …

  • Pronoun.

It replaces a noun (the subject) and refers to it. They can be demonstrative (it demonstrates something according to the speaker), possessive (it shows possession of a thing)

Examples: he, it, I, you, we… this, that… mine, yours, hers, theirs…

  • Verb.

It describes an action or a state of being. There are irregular verbs in English to learn too. It means that they do not follow the common rule regarding verbs and are written differently.

Examples: do, make, be, run, have, jump… was, made, did, ran, had…

  • Adjective.

It describes a noun or pronoun. It is always invariable. Do not forget to learn about the comparative and superlative adjectives as well.

Example: strong, fast, intelligent, nice

  • Article.

It helps to modify the noun and is always placed before it.

Example: a, an, the, “zero”

  • Adverb.

It describes or modifies a verb, an adjective. They veyr often end by “-y”.

Example: slowly, exceptionally, sadly, angrily

  • Preposition.

It links two things in a sentence. There are three different kind of prepositions (temporal, spatial and conceptual).

Examples: behind, over, under, in front of. after, while, before, ago, by… about, regarding, concerning…

  • Conjuction.

Other linking words that connect two related parts of a sentence.

Examples: but, and, for, so, or…

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