We have a lot to say about grammar in general but even more when you talk about english grammar. Come and visit the blogs in this section, they give you a lot of infos about how to learn grammar !

There are many ways to learn grammar online. In these blogs, we show categories of topics, and lists of the best books to acquire the basics of grammar. We have chosen them carefully for you with our qualified staff. But you’ll also find other methods. Check them out !

One of the most feared grammar topics is the “irregular verbs”. We made it easy for you to understand by writing exercises based on lists of irregular verbs. You don’t have to worry, the advantage of online learning is that you can access the blogs whenever and wherever you like. So they’ll wait for you when you are available ! Just make sure that you have learned the lists before you complete the exercises, and wait for correction. No stress, you can learn at your pace !


The comparatives and superlatives in english grammar may be very confusing. We advise you to look at them from the beginning of your learning process. Here are very well explained lists with examples to help you understand how they work. Just read the blogs about them, do not hesitate to review them as long as you are not comfortable with their meaning. And don’t forget to do the exercises, you know that nobody will judge your mistakes and that you’ll have the right answer with the correction. In addition, you have very useful material such as review sheets.

You can see that our blogs are very comprehensive, with non-exhaustive lists of easy online methods. GlobalExam provides the perfect training to know the ins and outs about grammar ! At GlobalExam, you certainly have a lot of work ahead, but we make it easier for you by providing all necessary tools and so much more !

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