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You are not alone on Global-Exam. Our online platform is more than a simple preparation tool for your language test. This article aims to make you realise the potential of the Global-Exam community.

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Our goal: your success

On the 3rd of March, we had the pleasant surprise to discover that Global-Exam had been quoted in a blog article.

This article was written by Gaëlle, a 23-year-old French student in Communications. Passionate about music, she has already spent some time in the US and now wants to enter the prestigious University of California at Los Angeles, UCLA, to live out her American dream!

This is why she had to take the TOEFL. To submit her application, she needed a minimum of 80 points, which she did not get on her first attempt. She did not give up though: Gaëlle registered for a second test, which however got cancelled. In the meantime, she altered her learning method and discovered Global-Exam:

“To analyse this second attempt, I think I did better than the first time. First because I knew all about the structure of the exam, I knew what to expect and what to do. I also had the chance to train on the Global-Exam website, and I think that helped me a lot. I practised for the Speaking section a lot, to get used to giving an answer super quickly. Unlike my first TOEFL where my answers lasted 10 seconds instead of 45, I managed to develop my thoughts and my answers were sometimes even too long! This was the same for the Writing part, I structured my texts better.”

Gaëlle kept going, and… she succeeded! With her 83 points on the TOEFL, she is now in the USA, living out her dream.

Check out the full article on Gaëlle’s blog (in French).

She explains her TOEFL preparation and the details of her experience with the exam. You could benefit from some precious tips.

Thank you again Gaëlle, we are proud to have helped you and wish you to keep it up in the US!

This is Global-Exam’s goal: to make sure that our online training packages help you succeed in your projects.

Global-Exam is with you

In our latest blog article, we outlined how to use Global-Exam throughout your preparation for the TOEIC, TOEFL or HSK.

However, if you have questions or if you are searching for relevant information about your test, our forum is here for that. We will answer every single question you have, like in this conversation started by Adrien:


I just did the training exercise called “Reading – Exercise 7-b – Training 1”, and I don’t really agree with the answer offered for question 2 (What is the purpose of this letter?). I’d like to know what you think about it. I answered “B. thanking their partner for his support”, but the right answer is apparently “D. announcing the opening of a hotel in Southampton”. The point I disagree on is that the message begins with “Thank you very much for your warm encouragements regarding the opening of our new hotel in Southampton”, which implies that the letter recipient (Mr Lane) already knows about the opening and wishes Mr & Mrs Appleton well.

What do you think?


Joining this kind of community will allow you to go further in your training.

  • Share your TOEFL essays.
  • Share your experience or make the most of the others’ to prepare for the TOEIC, TOEFL or HSK.

Talk about your revision needs as Steph92 did here about the HSK vocabulary.

In short, use the forum! If you have a question, others may be in the same situation and some may have the answer. If we feel like many of you need it, your questions may be addressed in a blog article that will highlight useful answers. This is what we did after finding out about a few community members’ concerns about the TOEFL speaking section. We therefore wrote an article on that.

The more you do, the better you prepare!

As Confucius allegedly said:“I share, so I am… a Global Player” !

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