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Scoring systems for the dizzying array of language tests can be confusing for the novice. Knowing the scoring system of an exam gives you an added bit of confidence and a confident test taker typically gets a higher score. Also, knowing what the scoring system is lets you develop a clear picture in your mind of where you need to be. Clear mental pictures lead to clear elucidation of goals and clear goals lead to good results.

The TCF is based on the Common European of Reference for languages (CEFR) levels.

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The points for the TCF correspond to the following CEFR levels:

  • Elementary (A1) 100-199 points
  • Lower Intermediate (A2) 200-299 points
  • Intermediate (B1) 300-399 points
  • Upper Intermediate (B2) 400-499 points
  • Advanced (C1) 500-599 points
  • Superior (C2) 600-699 points

The final score that you receive is an average of the section scores. Results are valid for two years, and an expiration date is indicated on your scoring summary. There will be a detailed breakdown of each score.

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How many points in total? Per section?

There are a total of 699 possible points for each section that you take (compulsory and optional). Therefore, there are 699 possible points for each of the compulsory sections:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Use of language structures: grammar and vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension

In addition, you can score 699 points for each of the optional sections:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Spoken expression (optional exam)

Your total score is an average of the points that you score.

What’s the minimum to pass?

There isn’t a ‘pass’ mark per se. Your total TCF score is indicative of your level. For instance if you score 346 points overall, then you would be put in the Intermediate (B1) level: 300-399 points. If you were to score 523 points, then your score would correspond to the Advanced (C1) level: 500-599 points. Your ‘pass’ mark would be the score that you need for the particular purpose that you need to certify your French language skills for. You should ask your employer, educational institution or immigration department for the score that they require.

Tips to get a good score

You will need to practice a lot. However, there are some specific language test strategies that can add some points to your score.

  • Remember to breathe and calm yourself
  • Time management-always be aware of how much time you have
  • For writing and reading, if you don’t know, move on to the next question
  • Give yourself some extra time when speaking by learning how to use fillers (euh, alors, en fait)
  • For listening, ask yourself: what would you expect to hear in this situation?

Training with GlobalExam

A language assessment is challenging. Grammar topics and vocabulary can be confusing—where do you start?

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Language test training with GlobalExam makes the task easier and a good score becomes possible; you don’t need to fret as we can avail you of our expertise.

What do we have for you?

There are some freebies at GlobalExam, intended to give you an idea of what our materials are like and how our website works. We have three sample exercises, and vocabulary and grammar study materials for the TCF free of charge. Try them. If you like them, then contact us and enter a premium plan.

What will I find in a premium plan?

The premium plans for the TCF have the following items and services:

  • Vocabulary and grammar study sheets
  • 20 sample exercises
  • 23 training hours
  • 3 practice tests that are graded, enhancing their benefit
  • Study plan planned on your examination date
  • Progress tracking with statistics and follow-up
  • Personalized messages to keep you motivated and on track
  • A multi-device solution that lets you use any device (smartphone, laptop or desktop); study anywhere and whenever you want to

To succeed in an academic endeavor, you need good time management and organization. GlobalExam specializes in language exam preparation, so we know how to organize language materials and topics and help you manage your limited time. With us, you will get the score that you need on the TCF.

Our practice tests are conducted under simulated test conditions that develop your test taking skills and familiarize you with the format, question types and wording on the TCF.

We provide individualized progress tracking and feedback that allow you to see what your problem areas are; if you are studying on your own, it is difficult to accurately assess your weaknesses.

We create practice content that conforms completely to the official exams. When you practice the TCF with GlobalExam, you are practicing the right things that will lead you to a better score.

Premium plan prices and lengths are the following:

  • 29.90€ on a weekly basis
  • 59.90€ on a monthly basis
  • 99.90€ on a quarterly basis
  • 199.90€ on a yearly basis