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TOEFL ITP scores are good for mapping the progress of your English language ability. It can help you find areas for improvement and show success when you see the scores going up. A great motivation for anyone! They are, however, only used by administration of your education establishment. 

When students take a test the exam is marked by staff at the university or college. They have been trained by ETS and can also get further guidance and support from them. So don’t worry, it’s still an official test under strict exam conditions. All scores are also reported to your school administration. 

Candidates receive 4 scores in total. One for each section and an overall score. These are also mapped to the CEFR levels to help you understand what level your English language ability is currently at. 

Official TOEFL ITP score reports that are given to students the four scores and, depending on your level, a certificate. The certificate is for students who achieve B1 or higher. This is a nice touch! 

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How is TOEFL ITP mapped to the CEFR?

The table below gives you more info about the TOEFL ITP mapping to CEFR levels.

TOEFL ITP ScoreCEFR LevelListening ComprehensionReading ComprehensionStructure and Written Expression
627C1 (proficient user)646364
543B2 (independent user)545653
460B1 (independent user)474843
337A2 (basic user)383132

There isn’t a pass or fail in TOEFL ITP. It’s a test that gives you a score to aid in mapping your progress or allocating you classes that are the correct level for you (at that time).

What are the score ranges for each skill section in TOEFL ITP?

Each section of the test has a score range. These are different between Level 1 and Level 2 tests. Mainly due to the differences in time allowed and the number of questions. 

Checkout the table below to help you understand this a little better.

Score RangeLevel 1Level 2
Listening comprehension31-68 (50 questions)20-50 (30 questions)
Reading comprehension31-67 (50 questions)20-50 (40 questions)
Structure and Written Expression31-68 (40 questions)20-50 (25 questions)

The minimum score required for Level 2 is 200/500 and for Level 1 it is 310/677.

Here are some study tips to help you with TOEFL ITP.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • Focus on grammar and vocabulary – it really helps with all skill areas!
  • Practice taking good notes, you can during the exam.
  • Complete past exam papers to help you understand the exam format and timings.
  • Discipline yourself! Only you can make yourself study!
  • Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep, regularly. Lack of sleep makes studying harder.

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