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What does the TOEFL ITP test look like? 

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Writing: sentence completion

Several cars were left in ditches and some front doors and cars were completely __________.

  • A. covering in snow
  • B. snowed in
  • C. snowing in
  • D. snowed out

Cherry blossoms and flowers __________ in some areas.

  • A. is starting to bloom
  • B. has started blooming
  • C. have start blooming
  • D. have started blooming


The health benefits of moderate drinking are likely overstated, say Canadian researchers who reviewed 87 long-term studies on alcohol and death rates. Studies have reported health benefits from moderate drinking such as healthier hearts and longer life. Tim Stockwell of the University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research in British Columbia has taken another look at published studies on alcohol and mortality on nearly four million people, including more than 367,000 deaths. Moderate drinking was defined as no more than two standard alcoholic drinks per day for men or one standard drink a day for women, at least once a week, for any kind of alcohol. The review in the March issue of the Journal of Studies of Alcohol and Drugs expands on his work on classifying abstainers. A problem arises when grouping those who abstain with former drinkers who quit or substantially cut back as their health worsened. The health and life expectancy of surviving moderate drinkers ends up looking better in comparison.

“We should drink alcohol for pleasure”, Stockwell said in an interview. “But if you think it’s for your health, you’re deluding yourself” The review concluded a “skeptical position is warranted” when it comes to alcohol” net health benefits. Researchers often did a poor job of asking about alcohol use and accounting for other protective factors among drinkers, such as wealth and eating more fruits and vegetables, Stockwell said.

When the quality of studies was considered, the reviewers found no significant difference in death risk for any drinking group except for a raised risk for higher volume drinkers having 65 grams or more of alcohol a day. Jurgen Rehm of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto knows how difficult it is to study abstinence. He’s observed a disconnect among survey respondents who report never in their lives having drunk alcohol but who previously said they were prior or current drinkers.

There’s substantial public interest in whether light drinking is protective or harmful, as well as commercial implications, Stockwell said in a journal commentary published with the review. He called the message of health benefits from light alcohol consumption ‘exaggerated’. “In my view, nobody has to start drinking for health reasons”,Stockwell said. “Those who drink lightly, if they stick almost religiously to one drink per day, no real problem. I would not advise them to stop.”

Question #1

What is the main subject of the passage?

  • A. Studies on death rates due to alcohol.
  • B. If people think alcohol should be drunk for pleasure.
  • C. The definition of moderate drinking.
  • D. The health benefits of moderate drinking have been overstated.

Question #2

What problems have researchers encountered when studying abstainers?

  • A. They are hard to keep tabs on.
  • B. Abstainers do not like to share their personal information.
  • C. In comparison to heavy drinkers that quit, moderate drinkers health and life expectancy will look better, skewing the results.
  • D. Their drinking habits are so irregular they are hard to categorize.

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F1: I’m going to vote for Mr. Johnson in the next election.

M1: If you do that, you will be jumping on the bandwagon.

N: What is the man trying to say?


M1: I am thinking of getting a standing desk. Have you ever used one before?

F1: No, but I think they are a good idea. We are definitely a society of couch potatoes.

N: What does the woman mean?

Question #1

  • A. Voting in elections is a bad idea.
  • B. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it.
  • C. Jumping on wagons is dangerous.
  • D. Mr. Johnson has hired a band to help him campaign.

Question #2

  • A. She means that we eat too many potatoes.
  • B. She means that we sit too much.
  • C. She means couches are better than standing desks.
  • D. She means that our society should grow more potatoes.

The results that you will have obtained at the test with this kind of exercises will then be given in the form of a scoring system. You will also be able to compare your score with the CEFR levels to better understand your results.

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