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The TOEFL ITP is an English-language test that has been designed for universities and colleges to use. The main aim of the exam is for class and course placement and tracking student progress. This is a really powerful tool for education establishments, and for language learners. Being able to show your language progress from when you entered a course to when you finished it is great. You can show off your achievements! Some universities also offer this exam as an alternative language test so you can study with them. It’s worth finding out if this is an option open to you too! 

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As it is for education establishments that exam is not marked by ETS staff. The staff at your university of college would have been trained by ETS on how the marking for all three skill papers works. The administration of the test is done completely by the college or university. This means that they can run the test whenever they want or need to on campus, using campus facilities. This makes access to the exam a little easier. 

What is the registration process for TOEFL ITP?

This is where it gets a little tricky! Not because the process is difficult but because each college and university runs the exam when they choose. The first thing is to find out if your chosen education establishment has the TOEFL ITP exam available for you to take and then go talk to administration. They will be able to tell you about potential exam dates and any costs associated with taking the test. These are the best people to seek out.

Learn about the TOEFL ITP registration process.

What do I do next? Who can help me study for TOEFL ITP? Where can I sit for TOEFL ITP?

Where can I get good quality, reliable resources for TOEFL ITP?

These are all very valid questions and ones every test candidate asks themselves, regardless of the exam they are taking. There is one online resource that has been created by professionals to help language learners study for official exams. They also have a pretty good success rate too! That’s us, GlobalExam. Our platform has been designed to be user-friendly and contain high quality exam preparation materials. Our practice areas cover vocabulary, grammar, exams skills, and full,timed exam practice. We also have a great blog for you to get support from and the ability to track your progress. This is available for many language exams, not just English, but we do have support TOEFL ITP test takers too.