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The TCF Québec is a French proficiency exam that is intended for people who are applying for immigration to Québec. As a French speaking province of Canada, the Québec provincial government requires official certification of a person’s French language level to ensure that the person meets the standards of the Ministry for Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI) when applying for immigration to Québec. Essentially, any person, regardless of nationality and native language, that wants to apply for permanent immigration procedures to Québec should take the TCF Québec in order to provide official proof of French language ability.

The exam is available in both paper-based and computer-based versions although not every test center may offer both versions. A test taker must be at least sixteen years old to sit for the TCF Québec. You are able to sit for the exam multiple times; however, you must wait for a one month period between exam sessions. Between 4 to 8 weeks after sitting for the exam, you will receive an official certificate of results. For each module, the certificate will show the score obtained for each section, and the results remain valid for a two-year period.

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Overall presentation

The TCF Québec consists of 1 to 4 exams. The exams evaluate proficiency in standard French in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Scores on the TCF Québec correspond to levels on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) A1 – C2. 

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The format is as follows:

  • 29 multiple choice questions for listening comprehension-25 minutes long
  • 29 multiple choice questions for reading– 45 minutes long
  • 3 tasks for speaking that are organized in a progressing order of difficulty – 12 minutes long
  • 3 tasks for writing that are organized in a progressing order of difficulty – 60 minutes long

Fees will vary somewhat from country to country due to such factors as the cost of living and currency exchange rates; however, some prices from Canada can be used as examples. The registration fees for the TCF Québec in Canada should be in the following range:

70$ CAD120$ CAD95$ CAD95$ CAD
53$ USD90$ USD70$ USD70$ USD

Typically, payment must be made in full at the time of registration.

Scoring and levels

Scoring for the TCF Québec is based on the CEFR levels (A1 – C2) just as the regular TCF exam is. A1 is the beginner level and C2 is the advanced level. Your score will be an average of the section scores. Your test results are valid for two years. 

The points that you achieve on the TCF can be matched to the following CEFR levels:

CEFR LevelTCF Québec Points
Elementary (A1)100-199
Lower Intermediate (A2)200-299
Intermediate (B1)300-399
Upper Intermediate (B2)400-499
Advanced (C1)500-599
Superior (C2) 600-699

For the purposes of immigration to Québec and the Québec Skilled Worker Program, your TCF Québec score will earn you the following:

Oral examinations: up to 14 points

Listening Reading 
A10 pointsA10 points
A20 pointsA20 points
B10 pointsB10 points
B25 pointsB25 points
C16 pointsC16 points
C27 pointsC27 points

Written examination: up to 2 additional points

  • Reading: A1 to B1: 0 points, B2 to C2 1 point
  • Writing: A1 to B1 0 points, B2 to C2 1 point

This grading scale is only intended for assessment of the main applicant’s immigration. A somewhat different scale is used for a spouse of the main applicant. 22 points can be earned for language in the Québec Skilled Worker Program. French language skills are preferable to English skills and are weighted more strongly than English language proficiency: 16 points for French/6 points for English. Please understand that the above relates to points for language skills and that the immigration assessment considers numerous other factors; always, check with the official Québec Immigration website for the most recent standards and points.

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