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The Test de connaissance du français is an exam that assesses a non-native French speaker’s French language abilities. The TCF is used for French language immigration and citizenship requirements in places such as Québec, and for job applications or for personal use. The TCF levels correspond to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages) levels. You can take the TCF in over 600 test approved centres that are located in more than 140 nations, including France, around the world. The lowest level is A1, indicating beginner, while top fluency levels are C1 and C2.

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The Format

There are compulsory and optional sections. The reading, listening and language structures sections are compulsory, while the writing and speaking sections are optional.
The compulsory exams have eighty multiple-choice questions with progressing difficulty, beginning with CEFR level A1 and moving up to CEFR level C2.

Listening comprehension

femme avec casque sur les oreilles

30 questions (25 minutes)-recordings from spoken text. Questions range from identifying the topic of a conversation (easy) to understanding spoken language delivered at fast speed (difficult).

Use of language structures: grammar and vocabulary

20 questions (20 minutes) -questions test the ability of candidates’ knowledge and use of structure of the language, from simple to complex situations. Questions range from identifying lexical errors to choosing correct language according to a variety of communicative situations.

Reading comprehension

femme aissse sur un tabouret lit un livre

30 questions (45 minutes) – in this section, test takers are assessed on items ranging from words and very simple sentences to information in everyday materials such as menus and timetables to fact-based and literary texts and complex texts from works of literature.

Spoken expression (optional exam)

One-to-one interview with an examiner (about15 minutes). The interview questions range from the A1 level to the C2 level of the CEFR. The interview is recorded and assessed by CIEP, not by the person conducting the interview. Questions range from describing places and people to talking about experiences, events and plans to presenting clear and structured reasons for an opinion.

Written expression (optional exam)

There are six exercises (approximately 100 minutes) to do that cover the six levels of the CEFR (A1-C2). Exercises may cover topics and tasks such as writing a simple message (about 40 words) to writing a letter on everyday situations (about 80 words) or comparing two opinions (100 to 125 words); or rewriting main ideas in a document (about 100 words)


Prices will vary according to which exams you sit for (compulsory and optional or only compulsory) and the test centre’s location. Additionally, there are different varieties of the TCF that are used for different purposes:

  • TCF-for general language assessment
  • TCF DAP –for students entering a French language institute
  • TCF for French nationality application
  • TCF for immigration to Québec

To find details of fees and test times and locations click on the link below for a list of all of the approved TCF centres worldwide:

It is important to tell your local test centre which form of the TCF that you wish to sit for and if you want to sit for the optional components as well as it will affect the fee.

Scoring and levels

The TCF is based on the CEFR levels (A1 – C2); A1 is the lowest level (beginner) and C2 is the highest level (advanced, fluent user).

The points that you achieve on the TCF correspond to the following levels:

  • Elementary (A1) 100-199 points
  • Lower Intermediate (A2) 200-299 points
  • Intermediate (B1) 300-399 points
  • Upper Intermediate (B2) 400-499 points
  • Advanced (C1) 500-599 points
  • Superior (C2) 600-699 points

Train with GlobalExam

Many people flounder when they try to prepare for a language exam on their own and courses at schools often are at times not convenient for someone working. Training the TCF exam with GlobalExam is doable, flexible, and effective.

What are our plans?

We offer some services free of charge in order to let you sample what we have. These services include three sample exercises, and vocabulary and grammar study materials. Once you have tried our website, then why not sign up for one of our premium plans.

Are premium plan prices are as follows:

  • 29.90€ per week
  • 59.90€ per month
  • 99.90€ per quarter
  • 199.90 per annum

What’s in the premium plans for the TCF?

  • Vocabulary and grammar study sheets
  • 20 sample exercises
  • 23 training hours
  • 3 practice tests
  • Study plan based on your exam date
  • Progress tracking with statistics and follow-up that is personalized with motivational messages
  • Use any device with our multi-device solution that let’s you use your smartphone, laptop or desktop, so you can study anywhere at any time you please.