A fluent user of English who reads regularly probably knows at least 20-30,000 words, maybe more. It depends on how you measure. You might know 2-5,000 words as a learner of English. You’ll have to learn a few more words if you want to do really well on TOEIC.

Fortunately, it isn’t as daunting as it might seem. TOEIC doesn’t use every single topic out there, and many specialized words won’t appear on it. If you focus your efforts on common themes, topics and vocabulary sets, then you stand a good chance of doing well on TOEIC. That’s what these blogs do. We have compiled lists of the most common themes, topics and vocabulary items on TOEIC exams in our blogs. There are a lot of blogs here because there are a lot of words used in TOEIC exams. However, having all of these words in handy to access blogs makes your preparation much less complicated.


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