Daily used and much needed English vocabulary words for Shopping

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(Some) Change

Money exchange.

Have you got change to pay the swimming pool?

A banknote/a note/a bill

Paper money.

How many banknotes have you got?

A bargain

A good deal.

That’s a real bargain.

A bid

An offer in an auction.

What bids did you make?

A bill

An invoice.

I need the bill to be refunded.

A billboard

A large panel for advertising.

The billboards are huge.

A brand

A trademark.

Children love brands nowadays.

A carrier bag

A bag (usually plastic) supplied by shops.

Carrier bags are always provided.

A cashier

A person who operates cash register.

The cashier is so nice.

A catchphrase/a motto

A repeated phrase, slogan.

Do you know the brand’s catchphrase?

A chain

A company with branches.

I usually shop in chains.

A changing room/cloakroom//fitting room

A booth for trying on clothes.

Where are the fitting rooms?

A charge/to charge

A fee/To ask for money.

How much do you charge for this?

A check/cheque

An order for bank to pay.

I usually pay the doctor by check.

A client/customer

Someone who buys products.

Clients should always be satisfied with what you sell.

A coin

Metal money.

How many coins have you got?

A consumer

Someone who consumes, who buys.

How many customers will you target?

A corner shop

A small, local shop that sells a little of everything – it needn’t be on a corner.

He loves shopping in the corner shop.

A cost/to cost

A price.

The cost of the product is too high.

A counter

A flat, elevated surface.

Meet me at the counter.

A coupon

A discount voucher.

We love using coupons when we shop.

A deal

A transaction.

They got such a good deal yesterday.

A delivery/to deliver

An act of delivering.

The delivery was done on time.

A department

A division of organization.

Which department do you work for?

A department store

A large store that sells a range of items in different departments such as food and clothing.

Department stores are heaven.

A design

A pattern, a styling.

He loves the new design of the product.

A discount store/pound shop

A shop where all the goods are sold at a discount.

My parents love going to discount stores.

A discount/to discount

A reduced price/to deduct from price.

They got a very good discount today.

A flea market

A market where antiques and second hand goods are sold.

It is so different to shop at the flea market.

A franchise

A business with a commercial licence.

Franchises are fun to shop in.

A fur trader

Person who deals in animal-fur products.

The fur trader did an excellent job with my coat.

A gift/present

Something you give to make the other person happy.

I love the gift he offered me.

A guarantee

A promise.

How long does the guarantee last?

A leaflet

A brochure.

Have you seen the company’s leaflet?

A loyalty card

 a card issued by a shop to allow customers to save money on the basis of what they spend.

She has all the loyalty cards of her favorite shops.

A mall (US)/shopping centre (GB)

Place where many shops are gathered.

I love shopping in malls.

A market study

a study that analyzes market demand for a particular product or service.

Market studies are capital in advertising.

A must-have product

A product that is very popular that a lot of people want to have.

This bag is a must-have product.

A poll

A survey.

According to the poll, more and more clients shop there.

A purchase/To purchase

Something you buy/To buy.

What is this purchase I can see on your account?

A receipt

A proof of payment.

Did you get the receipt?

A retail park

An area normally on the outskirts of a town/city with several large retail outlets.

We love going to retail parks at the weekend.

A retailer

Someone who sells goods to ultimate consumers, usually in small quantities.

The retailer does good prices.

A rip-off

A cheat, a con.

He was disappointed as this was a real rip-off!

A sample

A representative piece, specimen.

CanI get a sample to try it before buying it?

A shelf

A flat storage space.

The shelf is full of books.

A shop assistant

The person who serves customers.

The shop assistant was extremely helpful.

A shopping basket

A container for your purchases.

She nicely gave me a shopping basket.

A shopping channel

A television channel that is dedicated to promoting sales.

They love watching the shopping channel.

A stock

A reserve in storage.

The stock is huge.

A storage room

Place where to stock things.

Where is the storage room?

A supply/to supply

A stock/To provide.

There is no more supply.

A target/to target

An objective/to aim.

Who is your main target?

A till

A cash register.

I’m waiting for you at the till.

A turnover

Revenues of business.

What was your turnover last year?

A wedge

A V-shaped block.

The wedge under the door is efficient.

A wholesaler

Someone who sells goods in quantity, as to retailers or jobbers, for resale.

The wholesaler sales in bulk.


You have enough money to buy it

This item is affordable so I’ll buy it.

An amount

A quantity, a total, a sum.

What is the amount of products you bought?

An appliance

A device, piece of equipment.

The electronic appliance I have broke down.

An auction

A sale with bids.

Auctions are quite exhiliarating.

An item

A shopping unit.

How many items are you going to buy?

An offer/to offer

A proposal/to propose to give.

What offers can you make?

Big brand names

Large well-known companies or product names.

They are fans of big brand names.

Flooding the market

An excess amount of inventory for sale causes an undesired drop in price for the product, in extreme cases making the products impossible to sell at any price.

Spinners are flooding the market.

High street names

Well-known shops.

She fancies shopping in high street names.

Mink fur

Hair of a small furry mammal.

Mink fur is my favorite.

Opening hours

When the shop is open.

What are your opening hours?



This is too pricey for my budget.


Previously owned.

Second-hand shops are affordable.

To be a shopaholic

To be addicted to shopping.

She is such a shopaholic.

To be on a tight budget

To have a limited amount of money to spend.

We are on a tight budget this month.

To browse

To look for goods in shop before you buy.

Let’s browse before buying anything.

To catch the eye

To get someone’s attention, especially by looking at them.

It directly caught my eye.

To cost an arm and a leg

Very expensive.

I won’t buy it as it costs an arm and a leg.

To deceive

To disappoint.

We were so deceived by the quality of the product.

To do the grocery shopping

Technically to buy fruit and vegetables, but normally used to mean to buy food and drinks for the household.

We do the grocey shopping every week.

To get into debt

To owe money.

He got into debt last month.

To give someone the hard sell

To put pressure on someone to buy something.

They gave him the hard sell but it didn’t work.

To go on a shopping spree

To go shopping and buys lots of items that you may not be able to afford.

How about going on a shopping spree?

To indulge in some retail therapy

To go shopping to make yourself feel better.

She decided to indulge in some retail therapy.

To nip to

To go somewhere quickly.

We’ve nipped to stores.

To pick up a bargain

To buy something much cheaper than the normal price.

I’m so proud as I picked up a bargain yesterday.

To refund

To reimburse.

She was refunded last month.

To return

To give back.

Can I return the item I bought yesterday?

To run up a credit card bill

To owe money on a credit card.

He runs up a credit card bill.

To shop around

To try different shops to find the best deal.

Let’s shop around and make up our mind then.

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