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If you are someone interested in learning English or in improving your English with vocabulary sheets, then this section will be of great help to you. Today, you’ll be learning vocabulary about a subject that is very present in our professional lives, that is Human Resources.

This section includes :

  • A definition of Human Resources.
  • A list of vocabulary words related to Human Resources.

So, shall we begin ?

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What Do We Call the Human Resources Department?

A department in the company which is in charge of relations between employers and employees. It deals not only with recruitment, but also with contracts, pay slips and careers, layoffs, relationships and conflicts between employees or between managers and employees.

two people having a job interview

Human Resources Vocabulary and Sentences To Learn

AbsenceNot being at the workplace for various reasons
Abuse of authorityThe excessive use of power over subordinates
AllowanceA financial compensation for damage, prejudice or loss of right
Basic salaryIt’s the gross salary before deductions. It doesn't include bonuses or overtime
BonusAn additional financial payment for employee as being a member of the company or to compensate him/her for some expenses
CutBudget constraint affecting expenditure and income for a period of time
Early retirementThis is a scheme which, under certain conditions, allows people to retire before the legal retirement age
Efficiency bonusThey are commonly determined to reward individual performance, although some might be based on collective or team performance
ExpertiseA high level of competence in a particular job through training or experience
HireTo conclude a salaried employment contract with a worker
HolidaysLegal period of leave for employees during which they engage in leisure activities
Human Resources ManagementAdministrative and social management of a company’s personnel and of the pay mass from their recruitment to the end of their contract
Human Resources ManagerA person responsible for the entire human resources department of an organisation
Lay-offIt’s the termination of the work contract initiated by the employer
Maternity leaveThe period during which the employment contract of the pregnant employee is suspended before and after the expected delivery date
NoticeIt is the official information that one person transmits to another, usually to terminate a contract on a given date
Pay slipA compulsory document given to an employee by his/her employer at the time of the payment. It includes the details of the work done by the employee and the corresponding sum
PayrollIt’s the wages, salaries and allowances received by people working in an organisation
Performance appraisalIt’s an interview that allows the employer to exchange with the employee, to evaluate the outcome of his activity, his performance, and to set goals for the coming year
PromotionThe fact of reaching a higher grade, a greater position
RecruitmentIt’s a multi-step process of finding, selecting and bringing on board new employees
SalarySum of money paid to an employee for his work
Severance payIt’s the sum of money your employer pays you when you lose your job for no fault of your own
ShortageScarcity, insufficiency of the necessary resources
Sick leaveA period during which an employee ceases to work through illness. It offers payment for the duration of this period
StaffIt’s a small group of employees working together on the same project
Trade unionAssociation whose purpose is to defend the common interests of employees
WageSynonym for salary or pay. The money the employer gives the worker in compensation for his work
Working dayAll day of the week, excluding the weekly rest day and public holidays that are usually not worked in the company
WorkplaceA place where a professional activity is carried

Recruiting Vocabulary: What you need to know to be a good Recruiter

BenefitsWhat brings material or other advantages
Fixed-term contractA contract concluded for a limited period of time which is indicated when signing it
FreelanceOrganisation, which could be one person, with an autonomous legal status, therefore not subordinate to any authority
Full timeIt refers to working time corresponding to the length of time set by law
InternshipTraining period or advanced training in a company in order to acquire skills for a job
JobA paid activity in a company
Job applicationTo offer one’s skills to work in a company on a vacant or new position
Job descriptionA document that details a job offer by specifying the area covered, the surroundings and the tasks
Job interviewA meeting between the candidate and the future employer. The aim of this interview is for the employer to check whether the candidate’s skills match the requirements of the position offered
Job offerA message broadcast by an employer on the job market to recruit an employee for a vacant or new position
Job openingsAn available position for which a job seeker can apply
Job opportunityA position which is likely to be available
Job titleA name given to a job to identify and differentiate it from others
Part timeWorking less than the reference amount time
Permanent contractThe common form of the working contract with a legal and unlimited duration in time
PositionA professional activity that somebody is assigned to in a given place
RoleThe role describes the position of the employee in the team. It’s progressively developed in the team and can even evolve, change and rotate between the members of a team
Self-employedWorking for yourself without a boss
SkillsThorough, proven ability to carry out a function
Temporary employeeA worker temporarily placed at the service of a firm, through a temporary employment agency
TraineeA person completing training and work experience in a company over a given period of time
VacancyJob for which there is a recruitment process
Work experienceThe knowledge of an employee acquired through practice over a relatively long period of time
BonusAn additional advantage offered by a company
RoleThe qualities and abilities required for a position
TraineeSomeone in a training period in a company
Work experienceKnowledge acquired through practice
AbilitiesThe adequacy of a person's qualifications to perform a function.
Active job searchUndertaking of actions, using techniques to find a job
AgileAn employee who is flexible and proactive
AssetA positive attitude or knowledge that has a favourable impact to co-workers
Bachelor's degreeAn academic degree covering upon three to six years of studies in a college or a university
BilingualSomeone who is fluent in two languages
Business schoolA training organisation in the fields of business management such as: marketing, finance, human resources and management
ConfidentSomeone who believes in his/her ability to perform on a job
Cover letterIt’s a letter written by a candidate highlighting his/her skills and qualities, this information is essential to establish his/her relevance to the position offered
CredibleWhat is trustworthy and worth believing
DoableSomething that can be achieved and that is feasible
EfficientSomeone who performs well, who attains his/her goal, who achieves useful results
Engineering schoolSchools that train and graduate students to five years level studies in engineering
Fluent in EnglishAn employee’s ability to work in English, to switch from English to another language fluidly and with little effort
High school degreeIt’s an examination taken by young English speakers in the last two years of their secondary education
HonestSomeone who is very scrupulous in his or her behaviour to other people and in the execution of his or her work
IncentiveSome reward that one get as an encouragement beyond what is normal or agreed
Language skillsThe capacity to express oneself in one’s mother tongue or in a foreign language, which is the aptitudes to read, write, speak, listen
Master's degreeA student’s grade from fourth year of higher education onwards
PhdMeaning ‘doctor of philosophy’, it’s the most common title of a research doctorate degree in English-speaking university systems
ReliableA feeling of safety towards a candidate’s personality
SkillsThorough knowledge or ability to perform a task with high quality
With honorsThe highest distinction in relation to a student’s grades in obtaining a degree

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