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  • A definition of Office Supplies.
  • Frequently asked questions about office supplies.
  • A list of main stationary items vocabulary
  • A vocabulary exercise with images

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Office Supplies: What Is The Definition And What Is It For?

They are the small equipment needed by a person working in an office.

Topics and a list of vocabulary related to office supplies:

Frequently asked questions about office supplies

‘In this list for ordering next year’s ephemeris, which format do you want?’

  • I would like the one with a wooden stand, mentioning the holidays and public holidays.

‘How many paper reams does one month of photocopying require?’

  • for our bid files, at least ten.

‘I have some health-problems with my back, do you have ergonomic chairs?’

  • Yes, we have seats with adjustable headrests and armrests.

‘This stapler is too tiny, can you order me the 24/6 mm, 26/6 mm size?’

  • Well, sure, you’ll get it in three days.

‘Can you order fifty large envelopes, one hundred and twenty medium-sized and twenty-five small ones?’

  • Yes, of course.

‘We still need ballpoint pens even though we use the computer. Can you order me a set in black, blue, green and red?’

  • Yes, how many do you want exactly?

‘Would you please sort Mr. Red’s files in the red folder?’

  • Coming right up, sir.

‘Would you check the fax machine regularly for paper?’

  • I’m already doing it, sir.

‘Can I have a return desk? We’d have more room for drawers.’

  • Then, you’ll give the older one to the trainee.

‘Would you please use the green highlighter for an agreement, the yellow one for a correction and the red one for a misprint?’

  • Understood, sir.

Useful Dictionary For Stationary Items

You will find below all words definitions illustrated by examples for stationary items:

Word Definition Examples
Ballpoint An old form of the pen also known as ‘Bic’, or ‘Bic pen’. It’s still the most widely used brand today There are many varieties of pens nowadays but nothing compares to the quality of the ballpoint
Bulldog clip A clip that is used to hold paper in place on a stand, for instance for a display or a lecture Check at the entrance, they provide you with bulldog clips to attach your ID badges
Calculator A small programmable machine for processing digits about numbers, it can execute many logical or arithmetic tasks automatically No kid can do without a calculator these days, it’s even accepted in the exam rooms
Clipboard Office device, a weighty object one put on top of papers to hold them in place It is very windy in this room, close the window or use your clipboard
Computer Automatic data-processing equipment, obeying programs, used in particular by administrative staff for their tasks It takes me less time to use a computer than to write by hand
Desk A table on which to write and work It’s always nice to work in a company with nice desks
Envelope Sheet of paper folded and pasted in a pocket-size shape to put postal items Helen, would you please put these letters in envelopes and post them. Thank you
Eraser A small object used to rub out writing and drawings made with a pencil Nowadays, we have erasers on pencils but they have always been of poor quality
Fax A device for sending and receiving scanned documents. Faxed documents have a legal value It is fast and legal to use it for a layer
Filing cabinet A tall piece of storage furniture with shelves and one or more doors. Before leaving, please make sure you store your files in your filing cabinet. Our files are private property
Folder The box containing a set of documents for a case Please store this file carefully in its folder. It’s an important case
Fountain pen A stylised pen one uses with ink contained in a reservoir or cartridge No one uses a fountain pen these days. It’s just for the sake of design
Glue Substance capable of holding together, by durable adhesion, materials in contact I used glue from the office to stick my little boy’s drawing on the wall
Highlighter A marker used to underline a section of writing with a bright and transparent ink Dear ladies, I used a red highlighter to point out your spelling mistakes
Ink Cartridge Single-use plastic casing containing liquid or powdered ink, for use in various models of printers I’m going to make a thousand prints, I need to buy several ink cartridges
Keyboard A device with alphanumeric keys in several rows for typing on a computer I have an azerty keyboard type
Label Small piece of paper or cardboard tied or glued to an item to identify it Today, your task is to paste labels on all these envelopes
Marker Felt pen drawing broad lines You must write the address on this parcel in marker, the pen is too small
Monitor It’s the computer’s video output device, in other words, the screen All monitors under 17 inches are outdated, let’s renew our computer equipment
Notebook Small book to record and store information to keep them in mind I have a doctor’s appointment at 9 a.m., fortunately I wrote it down in my notebook otherwise I would have forgotten about it
Paper Material made from pasted wooden fibres, then processed into a thin sheet on which to write I have some letters to type, give me a ream of paper
Pencil Wooden stick, containing a long lead, used for writing or drawing erasable lines Before you send this letter, please draft it in pencil for me so that I can check for mistakes
Pencil sharpener Small device with a sharp blade used to sharpen pencils I need a pencil sharpener, my pencil lead is too blunt
Push-pin An object like a small nail with a large head that is pressed in with a finger, commonly used for hanging paper or posters We need more push pins to put up the policies at the front office
Scissors An object with two steel branches, sharp on the blade. It’s used to cut paper or cardboard I need scissors to cut all these papers
Stamp pad The stamp pad is a small box used to print a text, a pattern, a logo on a paper. Remember to reset the date on the stamp pad every day when you stamp the mail
Stapler A small machine containing clips, used to tie sheets of paper together Once you have sorted the sheets, staple them together
Sticky notes A small sheet of paper to write notes and which has a thin adhesive strip on the back to allow it to be pasted temporarily Thank you for leaving me your message. These sticky notes are really useful
Tape Adhesive strip for packing boxes Wrap this package and use the brown tape
Wastebasket A specific type of bin designed to receive waste from an office How many times do I have to say, don’t throw food in the wastebasket, it’s only for papers…

Vocabulary exercise on office supplies: could you find the answer?

In the below exercises, look at the pictures and try to fill in the blanks:

I need to photocopy a call for a tenders file, give me a….. …..
These…. leak a lot, don’t order any more from this supplier.
I had to bring my little boy because I was stuck without a nanny. Do we have some coloured…….for him to draw with?
This pencil is very dull, can you lend me your…… ……….
This…….with armrests is great, my back is so happy with it.
I’m glad I have three………., I have so much stuff to store.
I used to work very late and as soon as it gets dark, I really need this…… ……
I have to do a mass mailing, give me a hundred and fifty………
What a ruin this drawing is, your…….. will be very useful.
The companies’ secretaries mix up all their documents, hand out more…….. ……
This…..isn’t suitable for use on lightweight paper. Get a new supplier.
Dear ladies, you must use…………. to emphasize specific words.
I’ve always used the azerty……….. It will be difficult to change to a qwerty.
Even in the days of technological boom, it’s still useful to have a……… in paper version. A breakdown can happen so quickly.
We have a lot of notices to hang on the notice boards. Do we have everything we need as …….
We have plenty of paper rolls to cut. I need everyone’s help. Take your…….
Give me back my ……. I have a lot of documents to clip.
Don’t forget to also email the messages you have left on the desks. The ……. ….. are easily lost.
The trainee who has to sort out the archives has a lot of boxes to pack. Give him the……in my supplies.
You have to shred the sensitive documents, the other stuff, you can throw them in the……. …..

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