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In this English vocabulary sheet we will be going over all the words and terms related to the heavy industry, to factories and the manufacturing process; along with their definitions.

You will also find a short quiz at the end of the article to help you practice some of the words you will have learned in this vocabulary sheet.

Read on and start learning English the right way!

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Whether you wish to take the IELTSTOEICTOEFLCAEFCEBRIDGEBULATS (Linguaskill) or even the BRIGHT ENGLISH, you need to enhance your English vocabulary in order to prepare for your test. We have have made a long list of vocabulary worksheets:

The Definitions of Industry, Factory and Manufacturing

Manufacturing represents the production of goods (usually in a factory) by using labor, various machines and tools as well as processing and formulation.

man working in a factory

Factory Vocabulary Words

AutomationA technique that ensures the functioning of a machine or a group of machines with no human assistance
Autonomous work teamA unit of about ten people who are entrusted with the execution of a task, and whose entire responsibility is assigned to this team
ContractorA person who undertakes the execution of a work by a company contract
EfficiencyRatio of usable energy supplied by a machine compared to the actual energy provided to it
EngineeringOverall study of an industrial project in its technical, economic and financial characteristics
FacilitiesFactories and their machinery where various products are manufactured
FieldsThe different types of economic activity that combine the elements of production
ForecastSales projections by product range and optimisation of resources to use
HandlingManual or mechanical processing and moving of goods for storage, shipment or sale
LaborWorkers hired in the execution of a given task
LogisticsThe management of material flows and resources for the production of a factory
MaintenanceThe sustaining or restoring equipment to a predetermined state so as to ensure its capacity to fulfil the intended task
ManufacturerOwner of a craft or industrial production company
Multi-skilled workerA worker who has the skills to carry out tasks in one or more branches of the industry
Organised labourAn organisation which ensures the collective and individual defence of workers’ rights
OperationEnsuring the production of a material, an ore, a product or a service
OverloadExceeding of a machine or a system’s actual capacity
ProductionThe process of transforming a raw material into a new product
Temporary workerA worker temporarily hired by a company to fill in for an absent employee on an ad hoc basis
Cement worksA plant that is specialised in concrete manufacturing
DistilleryA plant for the production of liquor-based products
Flour millIndustrial plant for the transformation of seeds into flour
ForgeWorkshop where metals and alloys are mechanically transformed by heat or cold processing
FoundryA foundry is a plant used to manufacture steel in bulk, into the shape of semi-manufactured products
ManufacturesBig industrial plants, grouping in the same workshop several equipments, each of them being controlled by a single manager, carrying out various processes for the same production
Paper millA factory specialising in the processing of raw materials such as wood or other fibrous materials into paper
RefineryA plant where raw materials are transformed into finished products, such as sugar, oil...
Spinning millA factory that manufactures textile fabrics into threads
SteelworksFactory where steel is produced
WarehouseA place used as a shelter, for storing goods
Wire drawingFactory where steel is stretched into wire
WorkshopSection of a factory where workers are doing the same task

Manufacturing Vocabulary Words

Construction industryA business of varying size that carries out building or civil infrastructure work
Consumer goodA manufactured product destined for the final consumer
Finished productAn article manufactured or modified by a business from the raw materials
IndustrialistHead of a business processing raw materials into finished goods
Machine-toolA mechanical equipment for executing a manufacturing or other repetitive task with appropriate precision and power
Mass productionA method of manufacturing in which products are linearly moved from station to station until they take their final shape
Motor industryA business that closely links together embedded producers, developers, assemblers, principals and sub-suppliers, as well as vehicles fit-out service providers
Oil industryA business which covers the oil and gas industry chain from the source to the consumer
PackagingWrapping a product so that it can be stored, sold, used and consumed in the best possible way
PlantA building or complex of buildings for industrial production
ProcurementIt is the purchase of goods, materials, pieces, etc. to be resold, transformed or stored
Production lineThe whole manufacturing processes required to create a finished product, from raw materials to market release
Raw materialAll primary resources used in the creation or processing of a final or manufactured product
StockQuantity of goods in storage to sustain business activity
StockoutWhen a company’s stocks are insufficient to meet demand
SupplierA person who is in charge of the ordering of the necessary raw materials for the manufacturing of the product, and making sure that they are delivered in time and quantity
Value addedThe gains generated in the production process
WasteAny good at any stage of the supply chain is lost, dumped, damaged, etc.
Work forceThe number of workers hired by the firm under an employment contract
Assembly lineAn assembly line is a manufacturing process in which parts are mechanically assembled one after the other until the final product is achieved. This process requires less labour and saves valuable time
AvailabilityEvaluation of the time necessary to manufacture a product by a machine. It’s thus possible to deduce its profitability
Bill of materialsIt’s a comprehensive list of raw materials, components and tools needed to manufacture an item
CellA workshop where all the processes required to manufacture a component or a sub-assembly are carried-out in close proximity, often in a U-shaped layout, enabling rapid turnaround between processes when problems arise
Coordinate measuring machineThese are devices that enable you to find the coordinates of measured marks on a mechanical part
Cycle-timeRefers to the time it takes to repeat a task, from the beginning of processing one product on a machine or operation to the starting point of processing another similar product on the same equipment or procedure
DowntimeCorresponds to production disruptions that penalise the productivity of a factory, to be distinguished from breakdown
Finished goodsA product which, after being manufactured, is ready for distribution
Human machine interfaceA control panel that helps a user to connect to a machine, computer program or system to input data for manufacturing
Make to assembleEntire components premade in the factory for a standardised design and a rapid assembly
Make to stockIt refers to assembling to order. It requires reactivity on the assembly work and anticipation on the component stocks
Open platform communicationA set of norms that cover industrial automation. A real-time transmission of plant data between various manufacturers’ control devices
Operational technologyThis is the software used by the workers in the workplace, which enables them to monitor and modify the machines' operating functions
PerformanceOptimise the operational productivity of a machine by working out a way to meet the ideal cycle time
QualityAn operation to determine, by appropriate means, whether or not the product, including services, documents, source code, are audited conforms to its pre-established specifications or requirement
Time studyIdentify the time required for the manufacturing stages and for the entire production cycle
ToolA manufactured object used to act on the matter in order to achieve a task.
ToolingA set of tools for the functioning of a factory, a business
UtilisationIt’s the ratio between the production capacity actually mobilised for production, and the total production capacity potential available at a given date

Short Factory And Manufacturing Vocabulary Quiz

This motorway construction project has been well studied by an outstanding ...
We don’t have enough ... to process this good, so we’ll have to make do with it
With this ... that we have just purchased, the employees will have less work.

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