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This vocabulary sheet includes:

  • Money vocabulary;
  • Banking vocabulary
  • Financial terms;
  • A sample vocabulary exercise.

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Whether you wish to take the IELTSTOEICTOEFLCAEFCEBRIDGEBULATS (Linguaskill) or even the BRIGHT ENGLISH, you need to enhance your English vocabulary in order to prepare for your test. Vocabulary is also important if you wish to learn English to perfection! We have have made a long list of vocabulary worksheets:

Why Is It Important to Learn About Banking and Finance Vocabulary?

The bank is involved in our daily lives, whether it’s for the management of our money or for the financial support it can provide us.

Generally, banks play a key role in the stability and functioning of the financial system, and are under significant state surveillance.

money and cents on the ground

The Most Common Money Vocabulary Words

BanknoteA printed paper means of payment issued by a country's central bank or a public finance institute
BuckAn informal word for one dollar
CoinA small metal disc with a distinctive imprint used as a small currency exchange
CoinageIt’s small item made of a rare material such as precious metal, and represents an assigned value for our financial trade
CurrencyInstrument for measuring and preserving value, to exchange with goods
DollarAmerican and some other countries monetary unit, one dollar is divided into 100 cents
EuroEuropean standard currency
GrandOne thousand dollars
MoneyA means of payment
PenceOne hundredth of the value of the British pound or the Canadian dollar unit, one dollar is divided into 100 cents
PennySame value as a pence but just one coin
PoundBritish currency, also called pound sterling
Silver sterlingA silver alloy containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper
TonInformal word for the equivalent of a hundred pound
RandSouth African currency
DinarAlgerian currency
MarkGerman currency
ShillingAustrian currency
RialIranian currency
RubleRussian currency
WonKorean currency
LireItalian currency
YenJapanese currency
CouronneSwedish currency

The Most Common Banking Vocabulary Words

AccountA private space opened for a customer in a bank for him or her to carry out various financial transactions
ATMAutomated teller machine that dispenses money according to the rights provided by a bank card and a secret code
Bank chargesIt’s the price of the services offered by a bank. It can also be related to an account’s irregular operations or to incidents payments
Bank transferSending money directly from a bank account to another, rather than through payment methods such as checks
CheckA writing in which a person (drawer) gives an order to remit, either to himself or to a third party, a sum to be debited from the credit of a checking account
CheckbookA booklet, with a number of cheques, issued by a banker to a saving account holder
CreditMaking funds available to a beneficiary, without requiring immediate repayment
Credit cardA payment card that allows its owner to use money from a revolving credit facility
DebitAll sums withdrawn from a bank account
DebtMoney owed to a bank
DefaultWhen a bank fails to provide the requested operation
DepositWhen an individual hands over a sum of money to his or her bank to be kept there
Deposit accountAn account used to manage money on a daily basis, often including a card and a cheque book
LoanFunds made available by a credit institution to a borrower without requiring immediate repayment
OverdraftWhen the withdrawals exceed the amounts credited to an account and the balance is negative
PayeeOne who receives an amount of money from a bank account
Paying-in-slipA deposit or remittance to the bank with a document called a deposit slip
Standing orderAn automatic transfer with which you pay a fixed amount to a payee at set times
Bank StatementThe document that lists all the movements on a bank account during the reference period
TransactionMaking a transfer or sending a sum of money from a bank account to another account, whether in the same institution or not
WithdrawalAn amount of cash taken by a customer from his or her bank account

The Most Common Financial Terms

Accounts payableThe money a company owes to its suppliers for the goods and services they billed and delivered to it
Accounts receivableThe money suppliers owe to a company for the goods and services rendered
Annual percentage rateIt's the calculation that adds up the total cost of a consumer's credit. It's defined as a percentage of the credit amount
AssetAn identifiable part of a bank's property and wealth
Asset allocationIt’s a strategy by which you choose investments in line with your objectives
Balance sheetA bank’s picture of a company’s assets and liabilities at a given moment
Capital gainsRefers to profits made on the purchase and sale of assets
Cash flowIt’s a measurement of financial performance indicating the state of a company’s liquidity at a given time
CollateralIt’s a guarantee offered by a debtor to his or her creditor to settle a debt
Compound interestA formula in which the sum taken into account for the interest rate calculation includes previous interest, collected in previous years
Credit limitThe amount that credit insurers agree to cover
Debt consolidationIt’s a loan granted by a financial institution for regrouping several loans such as consumer credits and credit cards
Debt-service coverage ratioIt measures a company’s ability to make debt payments when due
Defined contribution plansThey’re pension contracts in which an employer commits to funding
Fico scoresA numerical expression used to predict credit problems
Financial statementsThey’re written documents that report on the business activities and financial results of a company
Fixed assetThey’re assets intended to remain in the company on a long-term basis. The value of the fixed asset is calculated on its purchase or production cost (if the company produces it itself) and some assets may be depreciated
Gross profitGross margin is the difference between the selling price and the cost of goods and services, excluding tax
Income statementIt’s a document that shows whether a company has made a profit or loss in a fiscal year
LiabilityIt provides information on the source of the resources, that is, the funds collected by the bank
LienIt’s a credit granted under the condition of a mortgage on one or more real estate assets constituting the borrower’s patrimony
Loan to valueIt’s a financial term used by the lender to express the ratio of a loan to the value of the asset purchased
Net worthThe net amount at which an asset or liability is recorded in an account book. It’s the asset’s acquisition value excluding taxes, minus any depreciation and or provisions already made
Personal guaranteeIt’s the commitment made by a person or a party to use personal assets to settle a debt that a borrower would not be able to repay
Profit and loss statementThe same meaning as Income statement
RebalancingThe process of realigning an asset portfolio’s forecast by periodically buying or selling assets to maintain the original asset distribution
Statement of cash flowIt indicates the impact of investment and financing decisions on the operating cash flow and gives an idea about the organisation’s solvency
Stock optionsIt’s a system of variable payment granted by a company’s shareholders to its managers or employees

Sample Vocabulary Exercise To Practice

Question 1:This computer is sold for 650 euros in Europe and 770 in New-York.
Question 2:We need to buy things.
Question 3:Buddy, I bet you one I'd knock this guy down.
Question 4:I’ve run out of cash, I have to make an from an ATM.
Question 5:We are going to travel to Korea, so what is the there?

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