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You need to enhance your English vocabulary in order to prepare for your test. We have have made a complete list of vocabulary worksheets on numerous topics:

Health Vocabulary List:




A blocked nose

When the nose has excess fluid due to a cold.

William had a blocked nose all day yesterday.

A cardiologist

A specialist of the heart and heart activity.

After his stroke, Bill was under the care of a cardiologist.

A chemist/pharmacist

The person who can deliver your medication.

The chemist was extremely nice when I went to see him.

A chesty cough

 A cough caused by congestion around the lungs.

Mothers are careful not to have chesty coughs as they don’t want their children to have bronchiolotes.

A chill


The horror movie gave him the chills.

A cure

A medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieve pain.

A cure for fibromyaglia is being worked on.

A disability

When one cannot perform due to physical or mental unfitness.

Students with disabilities can be assisted.

A disease/sickness/an illness

When you are sick.

Nothing to worry about as it is a curable disease.

A disorder

A physical or mental state that is not normal or healthy.

Yolanda’s nephew has a mental disorder.

A drip

A drop of liquid

Her drip is leaking so you have to change it as soon as possible.

A drug

A substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic.

The doctor refused to prescribe any drugs.

A drugstore/pharmacy

The place where you can buy medication.

You are lucky to have a drugstore near your apartment.

A frenzy

State of violent mental agitation.

As a shopaholic, she usually has shopping frenzies.

A general practitioner/GP

A general doctor who can then refer you to a specialist if necessary.

What is the name of your current GP?

A health hazard

A health risk.

The specialist advised her of all the health hazards.

A lab(oratory) coat

The piece of clothing you wear over your clothes.

All pharmacists were a lab coat.

A medical practitioner

Formal term for a doctor or surgeon.

Your medical practicionner is extremely kind.

A medicine

A treatment (usually in the form of pill, syrup)

What medicines do you take everyday?

A nervous breakdown

When you can’t mentally cope anymore.

Jonathan had a nervous breakdown when he found out his wife was having an affair.

A nurse

A healthcare worker

Nurses take excellent care of patients.

A physiotherapy

Therapy that uses physical agents: exercise and massage and other modalities.

For her shoulder problem, she will be treated with a physiotherapy.

A plague

A pestilence, an infestation.

The invasion of mosquitoes was a real plague.

A prescription

The medical document with a treatment written by a doctor.

As I forgot my prescription, the pharmacist couldn’t give me my pills.

A prowess

A superior skill learned by study and practice.

The medical prowess you’ve just noticed is unique.

A relapse

The return of an illness.

Sebastien had a relapse in his cancer.

A runny nose

A nose that has liquid coming out of it.

Josh always has a runny nose.

A scar

A mark left by a healed wound, sore, or burn.

After cutting myself, I got a scar.

A scratch

Cut, scrape on skin.

There was a scratch on my skin after walking in the forest.

A seizure


We found out he was epileptic when he had his first seizure.

A sibling

A person’s brother or sister.

Do you have any siblings?

A sore back

The other side of your torso which is painful.

Carrying all this weight will surely give you a sore back.

A sore throat

Inflammation that causes pain when swallowing.

It’s quite common to have a sore throat in the winter.

A sprain

An injure joint.

At the gym, I had an ankle sprain.

A struggle

Strenuous effort.

His struggle to fight the disease was remembered.

A surgeon

A medical specialist who can perform surgery (cut open part of the body).

Her surgeon is known around the world.

A swab

Cotton wad

Press the swab on the injury.

A syringe

An instrument for injecting fluids

We are both scared of syringes.

A tooth decay

Dental rot.

Because i had a tooth decay, I needed a filling.

A tremor

An involuntary vibration, as if from illness or fear.

She avoids caffein because otherwise she has tremors.

A vaccine

A substance injected into someone to prevent a particular disease

Vaccines are heavily discussed because of the aluminium they contain.

A work-out

A gym session

They have a daily work-out to gain some muscle mass.

A wound

An injury

They were wounded during the attack.

Aches and pains

Minor pains that continue over a period of time.

Watching you in this position gives me aches and pains.


Able to walk about.

The intervention is ambulatory so you’ll be able to go to work afterwards.

An ache

A dull persistent (usually moderately intense) pain.

My back aches so much that I would do anything to see an osteopath!

An epidemic

A widespread outbreak of an infectious disease.

The epidemic of measles has spread in the kindergarten.

An injury

A particular form or instance of harm.

Have you noticed the variety of injuries?

An intake

A quantity, consumption

Your sugar intake should be limited.

An operating theater

Place where surgeries are carried out.

Operating theaters give me the chills.

An outbreak

A sudden violent spontaneous occurrence/an epidemic.

There was a chickenpox outbreak in his primary school.

An x-ray

A photograph with a stream of high-energy photons.

An X-ray has to be done to check the details of my injury.

As fit as a fiddle

 Very healthy.

Lilly is as fit as a fiddle with all the gym she does.

Binge drinking/eating

To drink/eat too much too fast

Teenagers are known to do some binge drinking and end sleeping on the pavement.

Blood pressure

Pressure of the circulating blood against the walls of the blood vessels; results from the systole of the left ventricle of the heart.

GPs usually check their patients’ blood pressure every time they see them.


Examples of carbs are sugar, starch, pasta, rice…

To lose weight, you should limit the carbs you eat.

Cuts and bruises

Minor injuries.

When you play in the boods, you usually end up with cuts and bruises

Elevated blood pressure

When your heart beats fast and you don’t recuperate fast enough.

Her mother had lifelong medication to treat her elevated blood pressure.

Emergency services

The fire department, the police or ambulance staff.

In case of a problem, call the emergency services.


Causing or capable of causing damage.

There are some harmful side effects in some medicines.


Being in less than normal condition

Rory is physically impaired but his wheelchair helps him a lot.

Influenza (flu)

An acute febrile highly contagious viral disease.

Some vaccines exist to fight against the flu/influenza.

Junk food

Unhealthy food: crisps, chocolate, fried food…

Atma eats too much junk food. He will surely put on weight.


Of or relating to or near the part of the back between the ribs and the hipbones.

She has had lumbar pain for weeks.


An acute infectious disease occurring mostly in children, characterized by catarrhal and febrile symptoms and an eruption of small red spots.

All children had measles at school.


The American Healthcare system initiated by President Obama.

Many American citizens were happy to finally be covered by Medicare.


Wetness caused by water.

Do regularly moisture your skin.


An infectious disease characterized by inflammatory swelling of the parotid and usually other salivary glands, and sometimes by inflammation of the testes or ovaries, caused by a paramyxovirus.

Mumps can be dangerous when you’re an adult.


Causing a sick feeling.

She realized she was sick when she felt nauseous every morning.


Of major significance or importance.

The specialist’s outstanding career was in all the medical journals.


Weighing too much.

Michelle Obama helped overweight people to go on a healthy diet.


Hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases.

Guns are not a panacea to crimes.


Having or wielding force or authority.

The doctor’s advice was extremely potent.

Prescription charges

Money the patient pays for medicine authorized by a doctor.

Thanks to Social Security prescription charges are reduced.

Processed food

Industrial(ized) food.

Nowadays people eat too much processed food.


Recovering readily from adversity, depression, or the like.

By overcoming his difficulties, he became resilient and aware of this new strength.


Ability to shrewdly understand or judge things.

David can be extremely savvy when he wants.


Air pollution by a mixture of smoke and fog.

There is smog today.

Social Security

The French healthcare system.

Social security refunds fewer and fewer treatments.


Enduring strength and energy.

People who who a lot of sport develop their stamina.

The National Health Service/NHS

The British healthcare system, the first one in the world to be efficient.

Thanks to the NHS, you don’t need to pay for your medicines if you get them from a medical center.

The plague

An infectious, epidemic disease caused by a bacterium, Yersinia pestis, characterized by fever, chills, and prostration, transmitted to humans from rats by means of the bites of fleas.

The plague killed many people.

To alleviate

To make something less painful

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