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Validity of the Linguaskill (Bulats) test

If you wish to take the Linguaskill (BULATS) exam, you must be aware of the validity of the results.

The organism delivering the Linguaskill (Bulats) certification, the Cambridge English Language Assessment, doesn’t fix a validity date to the score obtained. It considers that English level crumbles at a different rate depending on the individual tested. Indeed, if you keep on practising English every day, your level will probably remain similar to what you obtained when passing the test (or it will improve!). On the other hand, if you don’t regularly train following the test, your level will deteriorate. Studies have shown that when it comes to foreign languages, variations of level can be remarkably quick.

Even if Cambridge English Language Assessment doesn’t set a specific period of validity, you need to remain careful. Indeed, you can still be expected to have passed the test within a certain timeframe. It all depends on your mindset when undergoing the test. Usually, the institution demanding this Linguaskill (Bulats) certification will require a specific validity period. You must justify a score obtained within the past 1, 2 or 3 years for instance.

Therefore, you should obtain information from the institution (firm, college…) requiring you to pass the test. Most of them require a Linguaskill (Bulats) score valid since less than two years. If you want to put your score on your CV, it is also advised to have a score valid within the past two years. Recruiters will be more likely to give weight to this certification if that is the case and having a recent score demonstrates a serious profile. However, don’t give up hope if it’s been a while you’ve passed the test. Firstly, some could well accept your certification, even if it’s been more than two years since you passed the test -especially if you have cumulated experience in an English-speaking setting since the exam. Secondly, your certification process will always be appreciated, even if your level has changed. Finally, if you’ve obtained a good score, saying so during a job interview or displaying it on your CV is always a plus and can make a lasting impression on your interviewer.

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Comparing the Linguaskill (Bulats) test to other English exams

Unlike the Linguaskill (Bulats) test, the TOEFL, the TOIEC and the HSK have a set validity period of two years. This period is fixed by the organism delivering the certification (the ETS for the TOIEC for instance), the score being deemed void in any case if it is older than two years. At any rate, similarly to the Linguaskill (Bulats) test, colleges, institutions and firms selecting candidates according to their score will often require that they be recent.

Thus, for all of these tests, it is essential to train well until the day when you’ll have to present an official score. Considering the price of the Linguaskill (Bulats) test, it would be a pity to have to do it several times. Therefore, it isn’t recommended to try the test out of mere desire to train. The Global-Exam formula offers you an optimised solution to train in the conditions of the Linguaskill (Bulats) test. You can prepare before exam day, evaluating your level thanks to the corrections offered.

No need to worry! There is a large number of Linguaskill (Bulats) sessions you can register for, happening every month in Paris. You can thus choose the date most suited to your academic/ career plans to obtain your score when it is needed!