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Improve your linguistic skills

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Build on a solid foundation

Without solid foundations there is no sustainable construction!

For each language that we train you in, we have developed a full reference document to consolidate the essential skills for your success.


grammar concepts to communicate without errors, no matter the context


vocabulary concepts to use the correct word, whatever the subject


using words in order to interact and create meaning, both with writing and speaking


Matching system

Our language experts match the skills listed in our reference documents with each of the 50,000 questions available in our courses

Study sheets and Exercises

Each skill is associated with a revision sheet to understand everything and an application exercise to memorize.

Analysis in real time

Each activity carried out is immediately analyzed and become a mine of information for your teams about the skills already mastered and those that need to be improved

Overall summary

Assess the performance of your courses by consulting a full overview of your learners' level whenever you want

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Master the skills
that are useful for you

Digital list

For each skill present in our reference documents, you have a lesson sheet and a revision exercise available to you.

Each concept is linked to a CECRL level and our lesson materials are created to take the learner's real level into account.

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390 sheets

3900 questions

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266 sheets

2660 questions

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197 sheets

1970 questions

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122 sheets

1220 questions

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