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Quality is our priority

100% of the content on our platform as been produced by people who are passionate about languages.

Grammar sheets, mock exams, or professional situations: we leave nothing to chance and work with the best specialists to provide you with quality training.

We are happy to lead an international community of 150 experts and stakeholders who work every day to create the texts, audio material, and videos that you use on a daily basis .

How do we produce
our content?

Digital list
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    Our team
    We work with education engineers, project managers, and UX/UI designers to provide you with a unique learning experience.

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    All are native speakers.
    All the teachers that we work with are native speakers and specialized in linguistics, exams, or professional training.

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    Quality control
    From the design stage until the approval of our courses, we apply strict controls to each stage of their creation.

  • 4

    Satisfaction surveys
    Our users (students, instructors, professionals) regularly complete surveys to confirm the effectiveness of our courses.

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    Continuous improvement
    We continuously update our content to offer you consistent and flawless quality.

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Our quality commitments


100% approved

All our content is checked and approved by an expert in accordance with a standardized process

100% compliant

Our exams fully comply with the official regulations and our professional courses with job challenges.

100% independent

All our content is produced by our teams independently from all certifiers

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