100% engagement goal

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4 keys of engagement
for your e-learning courses


A clear goal

Fully explain your learners' aims to our team from the start of the course.


An adapted study path

We work with you to select the course content and we create your bespoke study path.


Regular assessments

At the start, during, and at the end of the course, we assess your learners to allow you to adapt your courses.


Continuous coaching

Our team ensures a daily follow up to motivate your learners and support your in all of your projects.

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We are committed to you

Digital list

Our team is committed to working alongside you so that all your projects can be achieved!

  • 1

    Validation of your teams' goals and training

  • 2

    Integration with your tools and creating your accounts

  • 3

    Initial assessment and implementation of your training paths

  • 4

    Follow up of your results and motivation of learners

  • 5

    24/7 support and regular satisfaction surveys

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Your toolbox


Your work

To train and validate your new skills

Your administration

To organize, monitor, and adapt your courses

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Success Manager

For the success of our

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