An academic path for everyone

Learning a language requires daily work, and staying motivated is the key to success. To meet this challenge, we have created academic paths adapted to each student.
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How to go from 33% student engagement to 100%?

33% of your learners work independently, 33% need a boost, and 33% require regular attention. To ensure that 100% of your users are engaged, our team offers full support, for both standard and customized study plan.
Standard Study Plans
Your students choose the academic path adapted to their goals themselves and progress at their own pace.
Three formats are available (Initiation, Progress and Success) and can be assigned in 1 click via your Admin area.
Customized Study Plans
You choose the skills you'd like your learners to work on, along with the duration and the pace of their courses.
Our team selects the relevant content, creates your customized study plans, and makes them available directly in your Admin area.

Manage and track your courses effortlessly

Our team will guide you
Designing your courses, assigning them to your learners, communicating the results: we take care of everything.
Results delivered directly to you
Weekly follow-up? monthly? quarterly? Receive your students' results directly in your mailbox at the frequency of your choice.
Complete autonomy
Do our standard learning plans work well for you? Let your learners choose the one that suits them and begin their training in a few clicks.

An additional academic path?

We design each of our evaluations to enable you to adapt, enrich and validate your lessons.
Evaluate your students' language levels, divide them into groups, and automatically assign the appropriate study plan to each student
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Make use of study sheets, mandate mock exams, and measure progress in real time
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Grade your students' work according to the scale of your choice and include the results in the materials to be reviewed during your course
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