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  • Unlimited access to your exam training platform for a given period: Dozens of mock exams, hundreds of trainings and thousands of questions.
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  • 2 different modes to improve and succeed: training mode and exam mode.
  • Training under real conditions with a customised dashboard to measure your performance.


  • PERFORMANCE - With Global-Exam, improve your score on the TOEFL, TOEIC and HSK tests.

  • FOCUS - Global-Exam is the first online preparation platform specialised in language tests.

  • QUALITY - Our solution: A huge database of professionally designed content to help you train under real exam conditions.


  • Are you a TOEFL expert who wants to practise on quality material?

  • Are you a beginner in Chinese who is looking to take the HSK to discover the exam?

  • Are you a student seeking to get the best possible mark on the TOEIC so that you can study abroad?

  • Download your exam ebook in your own language for a concise and comprehensive methodology guide with tailored tips.
  • Check your account: All your training exercises are saved, categorised, and analysed to allow you to follow your progress, understand your strengths and weaknesses, manage your time better, etc.
  • Regularly receive statistical feedback straight to your email!
  • Contribute to the forum by sharing your tips and vocabulary lists; make the most out of other mentors' advice.


  • How to use the forum?

  • Ask questions!

  • Share your tips and methods — vocabulary lists, links to quality material, etc.

  • Post your audio recordings, your essays and ask the community to give you feedback; comment on the other students' work.

  • Interact with mentors who have already taken the test that you are preparing for, and become a mentor yourself to help the others!

  • Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

  • Break out of preparation loneliness

  • Global-Exam wants to help you avoid feeling lonely when preparing. Share your experience, your questions, and your tips: you will get better marks and renew your motivation.

  • Follow us on social networks and make the most out of our tips.


10 good reasons to train with Global-Exam:

1. Quality training exercises

Our training exercises are designed by professionals who have become experts in the different exams. These experts have created new material to allow you to practise under the best conditions.

2. 180 mock exams, 335 hours of training and more than 18,000 questions

We offer training for standardised exams: Repeating exercises can enable you to get used to the specific format of each exercise. You will become faster and adopt the right strategy to progress.

3. Training under real exam conditions

The length of our material (texts, videos), the themes, and the questions will be as close as possible to what you will face in the real exam. Practising and progressing with Global-Exam guarantees a better mark on the exam day.

4. 2 practise modes to improve and succeed

> training mode: to train exercise by exercise and learn the aspects of each exercise.

> exam mode: to train under real exam conditions (order of the exercises, timer, etc.)

5. Answer keys

Answer keys will be provided for each exercise. You will therefore be able to learn from your mistakes and to keep improving.

6. Structured trainings

The specific instructions of the exam will be restated for each exercise. You will end up memorising these instructions, which will enable you to avoid being off topic and to stay focused on the content of the exercises and not distracted by how to approach them. You will therefore get faster.

7. Improved training exercises

Global-Exam is committed to adding new content twice per year in order to expand its database of exercises and give you more and more opportunities to train.

8. A 2.0 dashboard

When training on Global-Exam, a lot of statistical data will be saved on your account. You will be able to analyse your scores, your training time, and your progress, week by week. Using this, you can define an optimal training strategy — improve your strengths, work on your weaknesses, etc. — and manage your time better.

9. A tailored offer

We have 3 simple offers. Each of these will provide you with unlimited access to the entire database of exercises for the exam you are preparing for. We adapt to your preparation time by offering support for 10 days, 30 days or 90 days.

10. High-quality customer relation

The Global-Exam team is at your disposal! Do not hesitate to message us at:, we will answer as soon as possible.


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