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Training adapted to their objectives

Global Eval

Discover your real language level and the study path adapted to your goals

Global Eval
  • Adaptive CEFR level tests

  • Level positioning tests

  • Mock exams under real exam conditions

Global General

Be confident and perform well in everyday situations

Global General
  • Initiation for complete beginners and novices

  • Development for intermediate levels

  • Grammar and vocabulary review

Global Business

Develop your skills in line with your professional ambitions

Global Business
  • Essential skills: meetings, emails, telephone calls...

  • Specific skills by occupation

  • Specific skills by business sector

Global Exam

Ace the biggest international certification exams

Global Exam
  • 5 languages (EN, FR, ES, DE, ZH)

  • 37 certifications (TOEIC, Pipplet, Linguaskill...)

  • Grammar and vocabulary review

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Together, let's reach your goals

Together, let's reach your goals
Together, let's reach your goals

Guide your students along the road to success

Engage your students 100%

Free yourself from administrative burdens

Become a stakeholder in the digital transformation of your institution

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  • Our customised study programmes
    aligned to the level and goals your students possess

  • Our quality teaching
    featuring content designed by teachers who are experts in their field

  • Our daily support
    for the best training

  • Our outstanding user experience
    to engage your students

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Our services make each course unique

Administration area
Full control to manage your courses
SSO integration and custom branding
Simplify your processes for a smoother experience
Customer Success
Supported by a team that is dedicated to the success of your students
Learner engagement
Motivating your students throughout the duration of their course
Teaching excellence
Designing outstanding content
Customisable courses
Courses aligned to your needs and the goals of your students

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Global Eval

CEFR level tests
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Global Training

General English study path

Professional English study path

Global Exam

Preparatory courses for certification exams
Mock exams under real test conditions
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