Evaluate and teach more quickly and accurately

Increase the efficiency of your lessons with GlobalExam's adaptive testing.
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Be more precise

Thanks to our adaptive evaluation methodology and the language skills references developed by our teams, we are able to precisely identify the concepts your students have or have not mastered.
Assessment Test
We provide you with a test to accurately assess your users' CEFR levels in reading and listening comprehension
Customized Test
With your input, we identify the skills that are important for you and build assessments that meet your specific needs using our resource bank of 50,000 questions
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Be quicker

GlobalExam's Adaptive Assessment Technology allows you to reduce the average time needed to assess your learners' skills.

Experience the official exam

Our primary mission: to allow your learners to practice under real official test conditions.
Our Bulats preparation is no exception to this rule! Our algorithm applies to training content dedicated to this certification, which is adaptive by nature.
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