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Develop your students’ skills with blended-learning preparation for language certificates.
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Bring your school into the blended-learning era

Improve your lessons
Integrate a platform rich in content and features into your pedagogy to modernize your course
Improve learner engagement
Enjoy easy-to-use work and admin interfaces for your trainees and teams
Improve your results
Receive specific data on your students' progress for your teachers and clients

A 100% integrated solution for modernizing your courses

Access the largest online resource bank and discover features to support your learners as they progress from the beginning to the end of their training.

Simple for your students
and teachers alike

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Optimize the cost of your lessons

Reduce your costs and turn distance learning into an economic asset for your school.
Flexible packages
Select the license that works for you (1 month, 3 months, …) and benefit from the price corresponding to the actual duration of your training
Individualized certificates
Use our OPCO-Compliant User Acknowledgments to report on the work done by your learners to funding agencies
White labelling
Expand your product line by creating your personalized interface with our full white labelling offering

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