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A comprehensive solution
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Global Eval
Discover their actual level
and the right course
Global Eval
  • CEFR adaptive ability tests

  • Benchmarking tests

  • Mock exams under real conditions

Global Training
Be confident and effective in each situation
Global Training
  • Professional skills

  • Academic skills

  • Everyday skills

Global Exam
Validate their skills with official recognition
Global Exam
  • 5 languages (EN, FR, ES, DE, ZH)

  • 35 certifications (TOEIC, Pipplet, Linguaskill, etc.)

1500 clientes confiam em nós, agora é sua vez!

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Together, let's reach your goals

Together, let's reach your goals
Together, let's reach your goals

Win new customers with an extended product offer

Generate customer loyalty and grow your business

Integrate a solution that can give you the support you need

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  • Our extensive catalogue
    to meet all of your needs

  • Our outstanding user experience
    to engage your learners

  • Our detailed progress tracker
    to manage and adapt your training

  • Our daily support
    to guarantee your success

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Our services make each course unique

Administration area
Full control to manage your courses
SSO integration and custom branding
Simplify your processes for a smoother experience
Customer Success
Supported by a team that is dedicated to making your training a success
Learner engagement
Motivating your learners throughout the duration of their course
Teaching excellence
Designing outstanding content
Customisable courses
Courses aligned to your needs and the goals of your learners

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Global Eval

CEFR level tests
Placement tests

Global Training

General English study path

Professional English study path

Global Exam

Preparatory courses for certification exams
Mock exams under real test conditions
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