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A reference base for each language

In English, French, and Spanish, discover complete reference sources created by our linguistic experts:
grammatical notions
to help you express yourself unfalteringly, in any context
vocabulary concepts
to help you select the right word, for any subject
language functions
to help you interact and create meaning, in writing and speech alike

Proficiency, at the heart of the learning process

  • Using our unique associative system, our language experts have linked the skills listed in our reference sources to each of the 50,000 questions available on our platform.
  • In this way, each activity realized by your learners becomes a diagnostic tool and a wealth of information, allowing you to determine the skills acquired and those needing to be reinforced.
  • An overall assessment for each student, group or your entire school is available at all times to offer you a precise picture of an individual's language level and allow you to refine your training.
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Have you identified a gap in your skills? We can help you fix it!

For each skill identified in GlobalExam's reference sources, you have access to a complete study sheet and a review exercise. Each concept is associated with a particular CEFR level and is presented in a way that takes into account the learner's current CEFR level.
390 study sheets and 3 900 questions in English
265 study sheets and 2 650 questions in French
197 study sheets and 1 970 questions in Spanish

Looking to determine your students' language levels?

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