The importance of the TOEFL IBT to join an MBA

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a prestigious formation which attracts millions of  students every year. It offers courses in marketing, economy, management, finance, and all the other fields of relevance for commerce. Given the large number of candidates applying and how appreciated it is by recruiters, the MBAs have a special way of selection. If you are interested by studying in USA, there are strong chances you will eventually have to pass the TOEFL IBT.

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Certify your level

Language tests such as the TOEFL IBT are often the only mean through which students for whom English isn’t the native tongue can attest their level. ETS tests are recognised worldwide, which gives equal chances to students of all nationalities to join an MBA. The TOEFL is used as a criterion of selection in more than 10 000 colleges and prestigious schools.

The TOEFL IBT evaluates your understanding of written and oral English in an academic context. It is thus particularly appropriate to certify your linguistic level to join an MBA. It can also set you apart from other candidates, advantaging your file.

TOEF IBT exams required by some MBA programmes

a. Essential to have an English diploma!

In order to join an MBA, you have to attach a language certification to your registration file. This can be a diploma like the TOEFL, or the TOEIC. However, your previous course and your academic journey can possibly excuse you from passing one of these exams. If you have undergone an undergraduate in England, or been in school in the States, it can be sufficient to certify your language level. Nonetheless, passing the TOEFL IBT can only be positive, as a good score after having lived abroad would certainly set you apart from other candidates. The better score you have, the more chances to be accepted!

b. Different requirements according to various schools

Each school has its own requirements. Inform yourself about these before registering to a language test. Moreover, each school defines what level of English it expects itself. Some institutions won’t provide a minimal score to join their course, only the best will be chosen. In a large number of schools, a good score will be required. For instance, it is necessary to obtain 100/120 to join the MBAs in Oxford, Columbia and HEC. If you’re aiming for prestigious schools such as Harvard or Cambridge, you will have to obtain 110/120! Do not forget to learn how to send your score to universities before you take the test.

Prepare and pass the test to join an MBA

a. Familiarise yourself with the structure of the exam

A good score at the TOEFL IBT is key to join an MBA. To do so, you need only a good preparation to be ready for D Day! Morover, it will increase your employability.

By familiarising yourself with the exam structure, you will be more comfortable on the exam day and will gain precious time. Besides, you will find yourself less stressed, since you will be able to anticipate the following questions. You will be aware of the format expected for your answers, and what competencies to use to answer them.

a. A training wired to your needs

To help you in your preparation, Global-Exam is offering you an online training course, adjusted to your level. The website comprises 2 exercise modes:

– The training mode, which goes over each part one by one. You can choose to train in only one of the exercises of any of the 4 parts. This is quite efficient to target the area that needs the more work!

– The exam mode which puts you in the real conditions of the exam. In a given time, you will have a complete exam subject at your disposal in order to test your level.

You can train everywhere thanks to the online access to our platform. What is more, the recordings are unlimited, and classed by 3 levels (easy, intermediate, difficult) to help you progress at your rhythm.

Our advices

a. A good knowledge of the test

It’s been said before, but there are really no secrets to succeed at the TOEFL IBT. It only takes preparation to understand the test structure and the wordings of the questions. Note that the Speaking test requires speaking in a microphone, which can be disconcerting. The Writing part implies paying attention to the structure of your answers. A regular training can help you easily acquire the competencies necessary for the test.

Seek feedback from MBA students, or people you know. They will give you an impression of what the TOEFL IBT is like, which can reassure you.

b. Anticipate

If you want to pass the TOEFL IBT, anticipate your registration. Sessions are available several months in advance. If you wait for the last minute, places will be taken in your region, and you won’t be able to pass the TOEFL in time. You also need a small lapse of time before obtaining your results.

Moreover, if you’re aiming for a minimal score to join an MBA, give yourself enough time to pass the TOEFL twice. If by chance your first try is below the required score, you can always try again!

c. Setting yourself apart

The TOEFL IBT is an excellent exercise for self-awareness and self-esteem. The score obtained awards your work. Nevertheless, do try to fix a personal goal above the minimal score required for your course. The TOEFL IBT remains a way to give yourself an edge over the other candidates. Two similar profiles will highlight the candidate who’s score at the TOEFL IBT excelled the other.

To help you obtain the best score at the TOEFL IBT, Global-Exam also offers you a follow up on the results obtained during your training. That way, you will be able to analyse your progress.  Test yourself today on Global-Exam, by using the free test!

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