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Try out the C1 Advanced sample test on GlobalExam

GlobalExam is an online platform where test takers can develop the skills they need to pass the language exam they want to take. All of this content can help you achieve you goal. But it’s not free! You can tailor the learning to your needs and this is where premium content is paid for, and we won’t invade your screen with adverts either. We want you to focus on your study goal.

Our platform will help you prepare for all the different skill areas in the CAE exam – reading, use of English, speaking, writing, and listening. We also have areas for language practice and development, with grammar and vocabulary activities. We also have full exams that can be taken under timed exam conditions to prepare yourself for the real thing. This is invaluable in the final run up to your exam date.

Global Exam is offering a free exercise from each section of the test! How great is that! You can use it to practice and if you like our style, sign up for more. You just need to create an account with us. This is a free account and you aren’t obligated to do anything else. Then you can be sure to ace your CAE exam!

Test my level for free

Free Samples of the C1 Advanced (CAE) exam

  • Listening Sample Task
  • Reading and Use of English Sample Task
  • Writing Sample Task
  • Speaking Sample Task

There aren’t many online exam skill providers that offer access to free content but here at Global Exam we do. It’s also super easy for you to access it. Signing up for a free account takes less than a minute.

Achieve a high score on the C1 Advanced thanks to GlobalExam.

Premium Version

If you choose a plan (weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual), you can unlock all of the C1 Advanced content. You will get access to:

  • 3 full mock exams
  • 12 exercises per section of the test (so 12 more full exams in total)
  • Study Sheets with focused exercises
  • Statistics and corrections
  • Study plans to organise your training