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The best books for C1 Advanced (CAE) training

There are many books available to you but how do you know which ones will be best for you. Well, the only way is to go and look through them in a book shop. However, here are a few recommendations for books. You can use them as a starting point on your bookshop hunt and for your preparation for the CAE exam!

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1. Complete Advanced by Cambridge English

Complete Advanced by Cambridge English is a good book to get you started with CAE and continue to enhance your language skills. There are tasks in the book to introduce exam skills, activities for language practice, and hints and tips from previous students. There are also activities to help you avoid making mistakes that are commonly done in the exam. This is a topic based book, so you will learn all of this through common topics. All the materials are official exam preparation materials for the revised 2015 exam. This can be bought as a student book, teacher book, and CD-ROM for extra practice.

2. Objective Advanced 4th edition by Cambridge English

Objective Advanced 4th edition by Cambridge English is another good study book. If you have used the Objective series books before, the layout will be familiar to you. They are topic-based book designed to help you develop exam skills and language practice at the same time. There are until reviews and an example of a test at the back. These books are really user friendly and you can work through them at your own pace. They can be used in classes or for self-study. You can buy a student book, teacher book, and CD-ROM with extra materials on it.

3. Advanced Trainer by Cambridge English

Advanced Trainer by Cambridge English is solely designed to help you understand the exam. Through this book you will develop the exam skills required to take the C1 Advanced exam. This book contains six full practice tests covering all skills areas – reading and use of English, speaking, listening, and writing. The first two tests are guided and there are notes and help throughout them. The remaining four are not. The audio for the listening is separate and available on CD or for download. The books also include examples of good writing answers.

4. Exam Boosters by Cambridge English

Exam Boosters by Cambridge English is another book worth considering. It contains practice tests that you can work through and is designed for self-study. It contains exam facts, tips, and advice on how to approach different sections of the test. It starts a slightly lower level and build up. This is great if you need to improve your language skills too.

5. Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

Another great resource for any language learner and test taker is the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. This will help move your lexis level higher to more of what is required at C1 Advanced. It is currently available in the 4th edition and also with a CD-ROM. This dictionary contains up-to-date vocabulary, definitions that are easy to understand, hundreds of pictures, and now a ‘focus on writing’ section. It was updated to include a further 1500 words. This is a great companion for any English language learner.

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