Embarking on a new learning journey can be an undertaking, so it’s best to enter into it as informed as possible. Here is where you can find the answers to all your questions about what it’s like to learn French and why it might be the language for you.

So, you want to learn French, but you still have some questions before making your decision? Maybe you’re looking for reassurance that French won’t be impossible to learn? Do you need more convincing that it really is a useful language for taking you further in life? Or perhaps you’re weighing up French versus Spanish. This blog is here to answer your questions and make your decision as easy as possible. When we set out to learn any language, it’s important to know why we’re doing it so we can stay motivated and keep our sights set on the end goal. In our blog, you can read our top seven reasons for why French is an important language to study, from the personal to the professional.


You can learn French in lots of different ways these days, so you’re not limited to traditional methods like learning from books and hiring a tutor. If you’re interested to know what the best online resources are for pursuing your French learning, we’ve got an article for that. If you’re interested in slightly different ways to improve your French, make sure to check out our blog articles on how to learn French with kids with games, cartoons, and songs, as well as ways you can boost your fluency all by yourself.

Our French blog is full of useful ideas for learning French in a way that suits you best. At GlobalExam, we’re here to support your individual learning needs from making the decision to learn French and choosing how you’ll do it, to deciding which French films and music to enjoy in your spare time.

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