Learning a new language is a beautiful adventure: it’s like a long journey that allows you to meet new people and discover a new culture, visit amazing places, taste new food and much more! If you chose Italian, trust us, you did a great choice: Italy is the country of culture, art and history! Learning Italian will give you access to an extremely rich cultural background. But where to start learning Italian? And how? In this section we’ll help you find out all the secrets to start learning this amazing language!

If you want to learn Italian, there are a few questions you should ask yourself: where should I start? How? What are the best resources? In our blog we’ll give you all the answers you need to learn Italian in the best possible way!


We will tell you where to start: start with the basics such as the alphabet, numbers and pronunciation, learn the easiest vocabulary first, understand how articles and pronouns work, and so on. You’ll also discover which are the best resources available online: websites, apps, YouTube channels, and e-learning platforms. We’ll tell you which resources you should choose, differentiating between resources for adults and kids, beginner, intermediate and advanced learners!
How long does it take to learn Italian? We’ll answer this question, too, with 5 tips to help you do it fast! We also dedicated one article to the differences between Italian and French, explaining which one is the easiest to learn and why!

For adventurers, we also recommend the best places to learn Italian in Italy: study in Rome, the city of the Romans, or in Milan, the capital of fashion! Our blog will help you find out how to learn Italian: read our articles and get all the information you need, in one simple solution! Learn Italian with GlobalExam and train all of your skills.

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