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If you wish to pass the TOEIC Bridge, you must obviously be aware of the price of the exam, which is what we’re going to go over in this article.

Fees vary due to local currency fluctuations and cost of living; but fees should be similar. The American price is a good comparison (TOEIC Bridge: Listening and Reading) since ETS is an American company. No one should charge an exorbitant fee or a ridiculously low fee-something is amiss. For example, you will probably pay 50 US dollars (45 Euros) in the United States and about 5,000 Yen in Japan. 

The thing to watch for is which test you sign up for. ETS offers an array of tests, and each test may have different components. For instance, the TOEIC Bridge typically assesses reading/listening and the fee that you pay is for one component. Currently, ETS appears to be offering a new version of the TOEIC Bridge that provides a speaking and writing component. It is very likely that you would pay more for this additional component, and that is why prices may seem to vary at different tests centers-different components are being offered. Prices for the new TOEIC Bridge component do not appear clear at the moment, but it is safe to assume that they will be similar to the fees for the existing reading/listening component.

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Difference with the TOEIC?

The standard TOEIC test is more difficult than the TOEIC Bridge, and it takes longer to administer; thus, the fee for TOEIC is more. Individual test centers will set their own fees according to the local cost of living and currency fluctuations; however, fees should not be significantly cheaper or costlier when you compare prices online and around the world.

You should anticipate paying around 85 USD/77 Euros for each of the components TOEIC: listening and reading /speaking and writing.

TOEIC Bridge is shorter and set at an easier level, so it is somewhat cheaper than the TOEIC test. You can anticipate paying around 75 USD/ 70 Euros for the listening/reading TOEIC Bridge. As ETS is offering a speaking/writing component for the TOEIC Bridge, you will probably have to pay a separate fee for the additional component, but pricing is unclear at present. Here are some of the differences between the TOEIC and the TOEIC Bridge.

Are there other fees?

It is possible to receive your score faster than normal by paying an additional fee for express assessment.

For the TOEIC Listening and Reading and the TOEIC Bridge tests, there are options regarding the speed of scoring: 

  • Standard scoring: by post between 10 and 15 working days after the test date
  • Express scoring: by post between 2 and 5 working days after the test date 
  • Super express scoring: 1 and 3 working days after the test date

There should be no extra fee for the standard scoring option. Fees for express and super express scoring will depend on your location.

Online scoring is available in some countries and can be checked via the ETS website, or you can simply ask at your local test center

Find out the price of the TOEIC Bridge and other fees.

Aside from the fee for faster marking, no other fees should be charged by an officially designated test center other than the standard fees for the exam components. Find out how to register for the test.

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