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There are many different English language exams that you can take. Most people take they for to gain entry to university, study abroad, visa applications, or just for their own personal challenge. Whatever your reasons make sure you choose the best one for you! And let’s face it, cost can also play a big part of that decision. Some exams are more expensive than others and if they get you the same result, it is worth looking into them too. 

GlobalExam is here to help you train for the TOEFL ITP exam!

IELTS$215-$240 USD, this varies by country
TOEFL IBT$160-$250, but most are around $200 USD
BULATSAround 300 euros for both parts, or 170 euros for 2 part
TOEFL ITPAsk at your college/university

Prices of test vary by exam centre and country. For example, the price may be a difference between TOEFL ITP and TOEFL IBT. You should look around at different centre before you agree to anything. No refunds are given. 

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 What other costs are there?

One cost that many test takers forget to factor in is the cost of study materials. Exam preparation books and access to online resources also cost money. You should budget for this too. Making sure you give yourself the best hope of success is really important. 

We tell you what the additional costs are for the toefl itp.

Many exams don’t have options where you can pay for feedback or for quick correction information. They simply give you a score for each skill area and an overall score for the exam. It should be noted that you can use scrap paper to make notes during the TOEFL ITP exam. This is allowed. 

Where can I get study help?

Talking to people who have already taken the test is a good place to start. They can give you hints and tips about the exam. The more you know about TOEFL ITP, the more likely you are to pass. Spending time to make sure you understand the format is also important. Online providers of study materials are also something to consider. They are becoming a more popular way of studying. It about ease of access to the materials and paying for professionally made content. There are many benefits to using them. One of them is us! Global Exam can help support test takers for a range of language exams, not just in English either. TOEFL ITP is an exam we have study materials for. Our platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can also track your own progress and focus on areas that need improving.