HSK level 1 vocabulary

This article was written by teachers from our partner, Keats school. Keats is located in Kunming in China and is one of the Middle Kingdom’s 10 best Mandarin schools. It offers several schemes to learn Chinese in China, and in particular HSK preparation courses.

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HSK Level 1 – Vocabulary

The HSK level 1 has a specific 150-word list.

After passing the HSK Level 1, students are able to understand and use everyday expressions and to form simple sentences. This will give them a solid basis for further studies of the Chinese language.

With preparation classes for the HSK level 1, in addition to mastering the required vocabulary, students can also understand how to use basic grammar and simple expressions, as well as develop their comprehension, speaking and writing skills.

HSK 1 Vocabulary – list of the vocabulary themes

The HSK level 1 includes the following themes:

– greetings and how to say goodbye

– basic introduction (name, age, address, family, leisure, skills, etc.)

– expressions to thank people and apologise

– expressions of quantities

– expressions of time (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc.)

– simple descriptions (weather, locations, sizes, quantities, etc.)

– asking simple questions and answering them in various situations (introducing oneself, asking for directions, going shopping)

– understanding and expressing simple requests

– expressing feelings and simple emotions

HSK 1 Vocabulary – 150-word list

Thanks to our many years of experience in student preparation for the HSK exam, we have developed many teaching resources for learning Chinese. For the HSK level 1, we have developed a list to help students learn the vocabulary efficiently and to understand the subtle nuances between words.

HSK 1 Vocabulary 1/3

HSK 1 Vocabulary 2/3

HSK 1 Vocabulary 3/3

Look at this article, if you want to discover the vocabulary lists per level, downloadable on GlobalExam.

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