Your Chinese is excellent, but you want to know for sure what your level is. Maybe someone suggested that you try the HSK 6, or maybe you have sat for a lower level HSK exam. Either way you know you will have to put in time and effort to do well on the HSK 6 as it’s a CEFR C2 level exam, meaning it’s at a very advanced level. 

Before you plunge in reviewing all of your old textbooks and videos, you should stop and read our blogs on the HSK 6, so you will be up-to-date on the time limits, number of characters, details of questions and content along with other things such as key topics.


HSK 6 – Reading Comprehension

HSK 6 - Reading Comprehension STRUCTURE 4 exercises (50 questions). 50 minutes to answer the questions (you must write your answers [...]

HSK 6 – Listening Comprehension

HSK 6 - Listening Comprehension STRUCTURE 3 exercises (50 questions). 35 minutes to answer the questions, then 5 minutes to write [...]

HSK 6 – Writing

HSK 6 - Writing STRUCTURE 1 exercise: summarising a text. 45 minutes to answer the question (you will write your essay [...]

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