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HSK 6 – Online Training

Online training for HSK 6

HSK 6 is the last step of the HSK exam. It is the highest level to reach. To get the HSK 6 and to show it on your resume will be a proof that you are highly skilled in Chinese language. To obtain the HSK 6 will open a lot of door to you if you are looking a job or any opportunity related with China in the near future.

Global Exam offers you a HSK online formation to can pass this last step.

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HSK 6 – Score

HSK 6 is divided in 3 sections, all noted out of 100. The total score is, as for level 3 to 4 to 5, scored out of 300 points. However, regarding the difficulty of this step, the required score will be only 120 points to pass the HSK 6.

HSK 6 – Required Skills

Level Supposed duration of Chinese studies Required skills Vocabulary required International equivalence
6 The time needed to learn 5,000 characters! Ability to easily understand written and oral information, as well as to speak and write. 5,000 C2

The level 6 of HSK will evaluate your high capability to speak, write and understand Chinese. Any kind of topics might be proposed. Students who will pass the HSK 6 will be seen as fully able to work on a daily basis with Chinese speakers.

HSK 6 – Structure

HSK 6 is divided into 3 sections: reading, listening and writing. The three sections do have the same importance and the same ranking. There is a total of 100 questions but the length is now 125 minutes, which shows an increasing difficulty for this step.

Global Exam has developed solutions, including HSK online formation, to let you arrived prepared and confident the day of the exam.

Content Listening comprehension Reading comprehension Writing Total
Number of exercises 3 4 1 8
Number of questions 50 50 1 101
Duration (min) 35 50 45 135*
Points 100 100 100 300
*: 5 min are given after the exercises of the listening comprehension to write down your answers on the answer sheet.