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So you’ve decided on studying abroad in the USA by taking the TOEFL and you are interested in American Business Schools? Then you should look into an MBA (Master of Business Administration), which is a prestigious formation which attracts millions of students every year. It offers courses in marketing, economy, management, finance, and all the other fields of relevance for commerce. Given the large number of candidates applying and how appreciated it is by recruiters, the MBAs have a special way of selection.

For this reason, we will be going over the following points:

  • What are the required TOEFL scores for the tob MBA programs in the US;
  • What are the minimum versus average scores at the US Business Schools;
  • The average TOEFL scores of Business School students in the US;
  • How to get a high TOEFL score for enrolling in a US Business School.
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What Is the TOEFL Exam and Why Is It So Important?

Language tests such as the TOEFL IBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are often the only means through which students for whom English isn’t the native tongue can attest their level. ETS tests are recognised worldwide, which gives equal chances to students of all nationalities to join an MBA. The TOEFL is used as a criterion of selection in more than 10 000 colleges and prestigious schools.

The TOEFL IBT evaluates your understanding of written and oral English in an academic context. It assesses your skills in 4 sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

It is thus particularly appropriate to certify your linguistic level to join an MBA. It can also set you apart from other candidates, advancing your file.

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Required TOEFL Scores for Top MBA Programs in the US

MBA admissions are different. Most business schools have requirements regarding your English level, but the requirements differ from program to program. Some MBAs have a minimum required score, but others don’t state a minimum — we will explain more about this later.

When required, the minimum TOEFL score generally ranges from 79 to 109, and sometimes can be even lower or higher. It is also important to note that different scores may be required if you take the TOEFL iBT, the TOEFL PBT, or another form of the TOEFL.

If the TOEFL scores stress you, know that it is indeed possible to waiver the TOEFL exam under certain conditions.

What TOEFL Tests are accepted for MBAs in America?

The most common TOEFL test accepted nowadays is the iBT (internet-based test). This is administered at TOEFL test centers and gives you a score between 1-120. TOEFL has a newer version of this exam, the “Home edition” — this is the same format and on-screen experience, but delivered at your home on your own computer (it is monitored by a human online using ProctorU).

The TOEFL Home Edition is accepted by nearly all institutions that accept the TOEFL iBT, even if they don’t explicitly state it on their website. If you want to be sure if this test is accepted by a certain university, make sure to get in touch with their admissions office.

Another relatively new version of the TOEFL test is TOEFL Essentials. This version has shorter tasks and a more global feel with mild accents and different scenarios from around the world.

We strongly advise you to get in touch with an admissions specialist at your institution to confirm if the version of the test you want to take is accepted by them.

Here is a list of the 30 top MBA programs and their TOEFL score requirements:

Business schoolMinimum TOEFL iBT Test ScoreAverage TOEFL score
Harvard Business SchooliBT: 109
Stanford Graduate School of BusinessiBT: 100
PBT: 600
University of Pennysylvania WhartoniBT: 110
PBT: 633
University of Chicago BoothiBT: 104
PBT: 600
Columbia Business School
NYU SternNo minimum score requirementNo average score stated
University of California at Berkeley: HaasiBT: 68
PBT: 570
Darden School of BusinessiBT: 106
UCLA AndersoniBT: 87
MIT Sloan
Georgetown university – McDonoughiBT: 100
Emory – Goizueta Business SchooliBT: 100
Indiana university – KelleyiBT: 100
University of Toronto – RotmaniBT: 100
University of Cambridge – JudgeiBT: 110
University of Oxford – SaidiBT: 110
University College Dublin: SmurfitiBT: 100
London Business SchooliBT: 100
HEC ParisiBT: 100
Insead Business SchooliBT: 105
PBT: 620
IESE Business SchooliBT: 100
PBT: 600
ESADE Business SchooliBT: 100
Erasmus – Rotterdam
Mannheim Business SchooliBT: 95
IE Business SchooliBT: 100
NUSiBT: 100
Nanyang Business SchooliBT: 100
Hong Kong UST Business SchooliBT: 100
PBT: 600
Duke University: Fuqua
Northwestern University KelloggiBT: 109

Note that the information in this chart is based on what’s stated on the university websites at the time this article was published. Make sure to check directly with the university you’re interested in what TOEFL requirements they have and which test versions they accept.

What Are Minimum and Average TOEFL Scores at US Business Schools?

TOEFL Test scores are a way for universities to ensure that international students who enroll in their programs have adequate English communication skills in order to complete the program. It can also be a way for top universities to select the best candidates from a pool of thousands upon thousands of applications.

The TOEFL requirements can be in the form of either a minimum TOEFL score, or an average TOEFL score.

What is a minimum TOEFL score for MBA programs?

A minimum TOEFL score is pretty much what it sounds like — the minimum number of points you must have on your TOEFL test in order to be considered for enrollment at a particular university.

What is an average TOEFL score for MBA programs?

Some universities don’t state a minimum requirement for TOEFL, but rather they publish the average score of accepted applicants. What does this mean? Basically, if you want to have a good chance of being accepted at the university, you should aim to get at least the average number of points, and if possible significantly higher.

If you score lower than the average, your application will still be considered, but you may need to prove yourself in other ways in your application, such as through a strong motivation letter, a great academic background, relevant achievements or awards, etc.

Average TOEFL Scores of Business School MBA Students

Regardless of if your MBA program requires a minimum TOEFL score or states an average score, it will be useful for you to know the global average of all students applying to MBA programs. That way, you’ll have a baseline for what you should aim to surpass in order to help your application stand out among the many others that top MBA programs receive every year.

These are the average TOEFL iBT scores of business school MBA students:

  • Reading: 21.6
  • Listening: 21.0
  • Speaking: 20.9
  • Writing: 21.3
  • Overall: 85

If you score 100 overall, you are in the 77th percentile of all business school students who took the TOEFL test. A total score of 112 would put you in the 96th percentile. So don’t let the average scores be your limit — make sure you go the extra mile and try to get the highest TOEFL score possible, it will make a big difference in getting your application noticed!

Can International MBA Students Get Financial Aid?

As an international applicant to U.S. MBA programs, one of the top things on your mind is likely the cost. MBA programs can be expensive anywhere, much less in the U.S. — but don’t worry, there are several ways that international students can get financial aid for their MBA in the U.S.

There are indeed several financial aids for international students. One would be trying to get a TOEFL exam scholarship.

Another great such program that international MBA students can apply for is the Fulbright Foreign Student program. This is a program funded by the U.S. government to help international students get a graduate degree in the United States. The amount you can get will depend on your home country — some countries have no maximum amount, while others might have a cap. For example, students from Bulgaria may receive a maximum $30,000 to help pay for tuition and living expenses.

You should also check if the schools you’re applying to themselves offer any specific scholarships or programs for specific countries or regions, For example, Kellogg provides scholarships to students from Africa, and Berkeley Haas provides a $10,000 annual scholarship to two Mexican students, in conjunction with the Mexican non-profit FUNED.

Finally, you can also ask for a loan in your home country to help finance your stay in the U.S. Some banks may offer low-cost financing to encourage students to pursue study options abroad.

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