Before you begin to prepare for the TOEFL iBT, you should take some time and find out what’s on the exam. It’ll allow you to plan your studying (you really should plan your studying), and determine what you need to focus on. We’ve gone over the TOEFL iBT for you and blogged about what we found, so you will be ready on your exam date.

So, what will you find in these blogs? In the blogs, you will find a wealth of detail, regarding the structure of each of the sections: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The blogs go into the details of question types, times allotted for each section, the scoring, number of words you have to write, etc.


It’s really a good idea to become familiar with these details. Many a student ignores these aspects of test preparation and simply delve into hard core studying right away. Always, always, scout out the test and know where you have to go.

Not only do we give you a ton of useful info, but we talk about where to take TOEFL iBT, and we give you some ideas on how to prepare yourself with online resources.

Sit down and take the time to read these blogs; they’ll really help you.

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