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The TOEFL ITP test is similar to the TOEFL IBT test. The ITP tests three of the four language skill areas. It tests reading, listening, and structure and written expression. The TOEFL ITP assessment series is designed as a placement and tracking tools for learners already in high schools, universities, and colleges. This makes it different from TOEFL IBT as this is used to gain entry to university and college.

There are 2 levels for the exam. Level 1 is for intermediate and advanced, and level 2 is for high beginner to intermediate. The amount of time you have to complete the whole test depends on which level you take. All the questions in both levels are multiple choice, so you will have to complete a scorecard for each paper. Be careful when doing this! The minimum score to pass level 1 is 310/677 and for level 2 it is 200/500.

Let’s take a look at each section of the test and see how you can ace your TOEFL ITP Exam.

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What’s in the test?

Reading Section

The reading comprehension paper was created to measure your ability to read and understand academic materials.

 Level 1Level 2
Time55 minutes31 minutes
Number of questions5040
Score range31-6720-50

Listening Section

The listening comprehension paper aims to measure your ability to understand spoken English as it is used in a university or college.

 Level 1Level 2
Time35 minutes22 minutes
Number of questions5030
Score range31-6820-50

Structure and Written Expression

This paper aims to test your ability to identify selected structural and grammatical points in standard written English.

 Level 1Level 2
Time25 minutes17 minutes
Number of questions4025
Score range31-6820-50

What topics might be covered? 

The topics covered in these tests cover three areas – academic topics, campus-life topics, and general topics

Here are some examples of what comes under each one.

Academic topics.

Arts – crafts, theatre, dance, architecture etc

Humanities – history, law, political science etc

Life Sciences – biology, ecology, genetic, health sciences etc

Physical Sciences – geology, Earth sciences, engineering, energy, oceanography etc

Social Sciences – sociology, education, geography, business management etc

Find out what are the different topics of the toefl itp

Campus-life topics.

Classes – schedules, assignments,library preferences etc

Campus administration – registration, policies etc

Campus activities – clubs, social events, committees. 

General topics

  • Business – management, offices, law, official documents
  • Environment – weather, nature, climate, environment
  • Food – food types, restaurants
  • language and communication – email, mail, telephone use, leaving messages, requests for information
  • Media – TV, newspapers, internet
  • Objects – descriptions of objects, equipment
  • Personal – family members, friends, health, emotions, physical characteristics, daily routines
  • planning and time management – future events, invitations, personal; schedules
  • Purchases – clothing, shopping, banking,money
  • Recreation – sports, games, concerts etc
  • Transportation – travel, driving, parking etc
  • Workplace – applying for a job, work schedules, on-campus employment

Where can I start studying?

Registering, picking an exam date, setting a score goal, making a study plan, getting good quality materials, and off you go. It’s that simple right? Many things in that list aren’t difficult but they are time consuming. Here are Global Exam we can take away some of that stress. We have all the materials you would need to study for the TOEFL ITP and gain success.