You have decided to take the TOEFL Junior exam. Maybe, the school that you want to go to asks for proof of your English ability. Maybe, you need proof of your English abilities for a summer camp program. Whatever the reason, you are going to have to get ready for the exam. It probably won’t be easy, but if you prepare well, you will succeed.

There’s a little problem. You are not sure what training materials are good. What should you choose?
– Online
– Books
– School course


Whichever way you decide to train, it helps if you know what is good and bad. Otherwise, you can waste a lot of time and effort, and you probably don’t have too much time to get ready.

In this section, you can find a whole lot of information to guide you. GlobalExam has taken a look at the different ways of studying for the TOEFL Junior and made some helpful suggestions for you.

Take some of your time and read through this section. It’s going to be a big help for you. Choosing the best methods and materials will make your training for the TOEFL Junior successful.

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