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No matter your English level, preparing to take the TOEFL Junior tests can be a stressful endeavor for young learners. If you’re a teacher or tutor, you surely want to help your students prepare as best as they can.

Nowadays, there are countless online resources to prepare effectively for the TOEFL Junior. This article will give you our top picks for free and subscription-based online resources you can check out right away!

Nothing is better than practicing the real thing, and we’ve found lots of sites and platforms where you’ll find quality preparation materials.

Test my level for free

The official TOEFL Junior website

Books are great resources to prepare for the TOEFL Junior test but there are not the only way. You should look no further for online TOEFL Junior test prep material than the source! ETS has an official website dedicated to the TOEFL Junior. There you’ll find links to free digital practice questions in the form of PDF files. The best part is the sections dealing with the Listening section of the TOEFL Junior, which includes audio files. If you wish, you can also purchase practice tests to get a feel for the pressures and timing of the real thing.

One interesting feature on this site is a link to a catalog of children’s books written at the TOEFL Junior level as compiled by Lexile. They have hundreds of reading samples and full books available for perusal adapted to any level. It’s really worth checking out!

Additionally, ETS also offers its own e-learning platform specific to the TOEFL Junior tests, the TOEFL Junior English Learning Center. In it, you’ll get interactive activities to consolidate English skills, a guide through the test format, and applications of both everyday and academic English situations. This program is subscription-based and is best when monitored by a teacher or tutor.

The official TOEFL Junior website

Online reading and listening resources

There are unlimited sources of written texts to practice reading comprehension on the internet, but one good source for texts that include comprehension quizzes is E-Reading Worksheets. You’ll find lots of free texts of all kinds for all levels, plus multiple-choice questions to train you to find inferred meaning and structures.

When it comes to listening, check out Listenwise, where you’ll find several sample listening files to test yourself on. This is also a great site for teachers to test your students and find their base level so you’ll know what to focus on.

Language form and meaning

For this portion of the TOEFL Junior Standard test, there is no secret: the best way to improve in this area is to simply practice. General vocabulary and grammar practice is always helpful: try free sites and programs like Duolingo and Babbel for “gamified” learning. Or simply take and retake the sample questions you’ll find on the ETS website to develop your skills.

Remember, for this part of the test, you should have a tried-and-true strategy to tackle the sections, so remember to prepare fully as your test date approaches.

Full TEOFL Junior preparation with GlobalExam

Of all these online e-learning platforms, GlobalExam offers one of the best, most complete study programs. There are diverse practice methods for candidates as they work toward their target score on the TOEFL Junior.

GlobalExam’s prep program is available in two modes: Training, where you can practice real questions from the test so you can hone in on specific skills, and Exam, where you’ll find several full-length mock tests to experience the real thing!

Plus, we’ll design a personalized study schedule to keep you motivated and a progress tracker to monitor how you’re doing in real-time. And you get a free trial to check out our offer before committing!