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In this article, you’ll learn all about the TOEIC Speaking and Writing exam.

We cover the following points:

  • The structure of the Speaking and Writing exam
  • How the TOEIC is scored
  • TOEIC example questions
  • Practicing for the TOEIC online

If you’re considering taking the TOEIC, read on to get all the information you need to start preparing.

Let’s dive right in.

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The format of the TOEIC

The TOEIC exam has been designed by the ETS to test a person’s proficiency in the English language, specifically within the sphere of business and working environments. This means that the TOEIC test focuses on topics and questions related to working life, such as meetings, travel scenarios and telephone conversations.

There are two versions of the TOEIC test:

  • TOEIC Listening and Reading
  • TOEIC Speaking and Writing

The Listening and Reading exam is the more traditional TOEIC test and takes place with pen and paper in a testing center, whereas the TOEIC Speaking and Writing exam has been developed more recently and takes place online.

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing test structure

The Speaking and Writing exam lasts for around 90 minutes altogether, although the two components take place separately and are scored individually.

The Speaking test takes approximately 20 minutes and includes:

  • Reading a paragraph aloud to test pronunciation
  • Describing a picture with correct vocabulary and grammar
  • Responding to recorded questions with fluent, extended answers
  • Proposing a solution to a problem
  • Expressing your opinion on a subject

The Writing test takes 60 minutes and includes:

  • Writing sentences based on pictures
  • Writing an email response
  • Writing a short essay

How the TOEIC Speaking and Writing exam is scored

The individual TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests are scored out of a maximum mark of 200. You will receive your score within 3 weeks maximum.

For the Speaking test, each candidate receives a score that falls into one of eight bands, corresponding to a proficiency level, as outlined below:

Speaking scoreProficiency level

For the Writing test, scores fall into one of the following nine bands and proficiency levels:

Writing scoreProficiency level

Most institutions and workplaces will have their own score requirements, but scores that fall into the top bands (8-9) are generally considered excellent.

Examples of test questions

Practicing for the TOEIC online using example test questions is a great way to become more familiar with the format of the TOEIC Speaking and Writing exam. You can find a few TOEIC example questions below to give you an idea of how to prepare.

TOEIC example questions: Speaking

The Speaking test is designed to assess your English-speaking skills across different types of exercises.

The first exercises are designed to test your pronunciation and basic expression. You will be asked to describe pictures, such as the following.

TOEIC example questions: Speaking

As the test develops, you will be given more complex exercises that require extended answers and a more developed expression, like in the example below.

TOEIC example questions: Speaking

TOEIC example questions: Writing

The Writing test is about evaluating your written communication skills in everyday and professional circumstances.

The first task requires you to describe pictures with one sentence, using specific vocabulary. Study the following example:

TOEIC example questions: Writing

For the second task, you will be required to compose written responses to different prompts. This could be a letter from a bank, for example, and you will be asked to include certain elements in each response.

TOEIC example questions: Writing

The third task involves writing a short essay expressing your opinion in response to a question or statement. You will be expected to support your opinion with reasons and examples, as well as to demonstrate correct grammar and vocabulary.

Take this example question:

TOEIC example questions: Writing

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