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The agony of waiting for your TOEIC results after you worked so hard to prepare for it can seem eternal! Don’t worry, the hardest part is behind you; you took the test! Well done!

Today, we’ll tell you what your TOEIC score does and doesn’t reflect, how and when you can expect to get it, and what various institutions and companies are looking for in your results. And of course, we’ll give you our tips on how to reach your target score effectively through a complete preparation program.

Now let’s take a closer look at what your score means and how your TOEIC is rated on its own and against the results of other candidates.

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What your TOEIC score means

The TOEIC is administered exclusively by ETS Global (based in New Jersey). A copy of your TOEIC scores will be sent to you. The time it takes to receive them will vary depending on if you take the standard Listening & Reading version or the optional Speaking & Writing test (see details below).

What your TOEIC score means

How long will my score be valid for?

Your score on either test is valid for two years. This is to account for possible improvements (or decline) in your English proficiency over time. You may retake the test as soon and as often as you wish if you aren’t satisfied with your results. Good preparation for the TOEIC is an essential step in improving your score and making your results count the first time!

The standard TOEIC Listening & Reading test is paper-based and uses a multiple-choice format. This ensures that results are fair and reliable. There are 100 questions on each section, so 200 in total, and scores are assigned on a scale of difficulty (Listening is more difficult than Reading, so it is worth more points) and the total combined score ranges from 10-990.

Here is a breakdown of how to interpret your TOEIC Listening & Reading score:

Score rangeGeneral description
International Professional Proficiency
Able to communicate effectively in any situation
Working Proficiency +
Able to satisfy most work requirements with language skills that are often, but not always, acceptable and effective
Limited Working Proficiency
Able to satisfy most social demands and limited work requirements
Elementary Proficiency +
Can initiate and maintain predictable face-to-face conversations and satisfy limited social demands
Elementary Proficiency
Has functional yet limited proficiency, can maintain very simple face-to-face conversations on familiar topics
Basic Proficiency
Able to satisfy immediate survival needs

Your score report also contains valuable details on your probable strengths and weaknesses depending on your score. There are four categories for the Listening section and five for the Reading section, and they show which percentage of questions from each skill category you answer correctly.

Plus, you’ll get your percentile ranking, which is your score measured against all other test-takers from the previous 3 years. These can be great indicators of where your English skills lie in addition to your raw score.

The optional TOEIC Speaking & Writing test is scored slightly differently. Since this test is evaluated by human raters, points are awarded more subjectively. Both sections vary in their point worth and are converted to a scaled score of 0-200.

You will also get a proficiency descriptor with the TOEIC Speaking & Writing similar to the Listening & Reading test.

When and how you will know your TOEIC score

When will I receive my score?

TOEIC Listening & Reading results will be delivered by post 10 to 15 working days after the day of the test. Express Scoring is also available for a fee, where your results will be sent between 2 and 5 working days. Both options do not include mailing time, so you can count on receiving your score a maximum of three weeks after you take the test.

On the other hand, TOEIC Speaking & Writing results will be sent via mail 8 working days after you take the test (plus shipping time).

How will I know my score?

However, you can view your TOEIC scores online in your ETS Global account. This is for information only and cannot be used as official proof of your score. Also, please note that if you take the TOEIC test via a school or professional organization in a private testing session, your testing organization department will receive official score reports separately and by post as well.

If you feel there was a mistake in scoring your TOEIC test and the results do not accurately reflect your English abilities, contact your local ETS Scoring Office within three months of your test to have a second review. However, please note that if no discrepancy is found upon further review, you will have to pay a fee for the service. Otherwise, ETS will pay the fee.

How to get a winning score on your TOEIC

Of course, you should always aim for the highest score possible. The best way to do this is to prepare thoroughly for the TOEIC well in advance.

The GlobalExam platform offers personalized training programs for the TOEIC so you can achieve your target score. Just enter your target score and take advantage of the specific training exercises, the real-time exam mode, and of course, free full-length mock TOEIC tests so you can work on your problem areas and earn your best score the first time and report your results with confidence.