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As with any language exam, there are a confusing array of books to choose from. A wide selection might be good when you are eating ice-cream, but it can be perplexing for a student trying to choose one to study with, especially if you have limited time and don’t want to waste two weeks with an unhelpful text.

So, are you ready to practice your DELF exam with GlobalExam ?

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Compare different books

Below in the table is a selection of four of the better known DELF preparation books so that you can compare them.

Réussir Le Delf
ABC Delf
Préparation A L'Examen Du
Competences: Comprehension
Explains and shows the structure of the DELF exams

Exercises for practicing and preparing

Goal setting so you have a clear idea of what to do
Organized around the four areas of DELF: oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral communication, and written communication

Explanation of the exam papers followed by 200 exercises (50 for each of the 4 skills).

Grammar summary

Full vocabulary list

Sample exam papers.
CD MP3s with nearly 2 hours of recordings, text transcripts and answer keys
Recent editions have access to an online App
Organized around the four areas of DELF: oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral communication, and written communication

Recordings on CD, text transcripts and answer keys
Practice exercises
Multiple books with each book focusing on one skill: writing or speaking

Books are divided into fifteen lessons divided into five units, each with a theme and specific functional goals

Lesson starts by defining the objective of a specific requirement of your exam

End of each unit, an assessment with
corrected exercises

If you want, you can also discover the best websites to pratice the DELF exam and to check out the category DELF Training Materials we have written for you!

Completing one’s training-GlobalExam is the choice for you

Books are a good way to study, but in the 21st century, there are options that take the best elements of books and combine them with them with multi-media and the flexibility of the online environment. This is what GlobalExam does and does it very well.

Test practice and preparation is our specialization at GlobalExam. With us, you will not be alone in your journey to DELF success. You will attain your goals and achieve a good score on DELF. Books may have the content, but we can your organize your study time and give you the needed, targeted feedback necessary to improve your test scores. Books cannot do this. Many students spend weeks turning pages, but they don’t have a clear idea of what they are doing right or doing wrong. GlobalExam can show you and then guide you through the improvement. A challenging task will be easy to manage and fruitful.

You may be thinking, “Hey, I borrow some books from my local library and it’s free. I don’t want to spend a fortune on some online course.”

Well, we say, “Try our free materials first and see what you think.”
Then once you know what our website is like and what we have for you, then consider one of our Premium Plans to get the full benefits that online preparation can offer when it is done right.

Our free DELF materials include:

  • Vocabulary and grammar study sheets
  • Five sample exercises

Our Premium Plans for DELF all include:

  • Vocabulary and grammar study sheets
  • 40 sample exercises
  • 60 training hours with 2,200 corrected questions
  • 11 practice tests
  • A study plan based on your exam date
  • Individual progress tracking with clear and understandable statistics

In addition to progress tracking, we send you motivational messages to keep you focused and positive—a book does not do this for you! We have a multi-device solution that provides the flexibility to study on your smartphone, tablet, or computer wherever and whenever you want to. You won’t need to lug a bulky textbook with you everywhere, just pull out your phone or tablet, and you will be ready to study for DELF.
Our materials are authentic and the practice tests are conducted under simulated test conditions with a timer to give you the feel of a real test and to experience the time constraints that you’ll face on your actual test day.

The difference between Premium Plans is the length of time that you want to sign-up for. We are flexible and offer the following options:

  • One week 29.90€
  • One month 59.90€
  • Three months 99.90€
  • One year 199.90€

We give also many tips to succeed on the DELF exam.