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What’s the TOEIC?

The TOEIC is an English exam designed for non-native speakers seeking to evaluate their comprehension and expression level in a professional setting.

Created in 1979, it is by now recognised worldwide. There are more than 150 countries using this reputable test, including colleges, firms, institutions…

Each year, six million people choose to undergo the test. The TOEIC attracts various profiles, as it can be used for vastly different projects.

There are multiple reasons to try your hand at it!

But who is the most concerned by the TOEIC?

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There are different reasons why a student might choose to pass the TOEIC. The test adapts to all kinds of courses, and can be very useful for your studies. Indeed, the TOEIC has been used as a reference amongst colleges since decades -especially in business schools and other private institutions.

During your studies, you may need to pass the TOEIC. Firstly, some schools expect students to have passed the exam in order to join their ranks. This could be the case, for instance, if some of the courses in your programme are in English. Colleges might thus ask a minimal score at the TOEIC to certify your ability to follow their course, and ensure your success thereafter.

Moreover, if you change schools, or aim to join the UQAM University in Canada or even a Master later on in your studies, a minimal score at the TOEIC might, once again, be expected. Given that the exam is only valid for 2 years, you may have to pass it several times during your studies. This ensures schools can rely on an up-to-date test to ascertain your abilities.

In the course of your studies, many opportunities may open to you. In a context of globalisation and cross-borders exchanges, more and more schools create campuses abroad. Some, in doing so, create special courses through association. As a result, students leave increasingly often to study abroad. Be it exchange programmes, studies overseas, gap year, professional internships… You can live unbelievable experiences abroad, in total immersion in a foreign culture.

Colleges often require a minimal score at the TOEIC in order to access these international programmes. This ensures all students, no matter where they come from or what is their native tongue, share an equal English level. Passing the TOEIC is thus a way to certify your English level, both to be accepted in international courses, and to feel more at ease there. Have a good TOEIC score is an opportunity to study abroad, for exemple in US universities or MBA programme.

Moreover, in some French schools, passing the TOEIC is an integral part of the degree. These schools add, to the initial course, a formation to pass the exam. Obtaining a minimal score at the TOEIC can be necessary to validate an engineering diploma or a business school Master, for instance. The TOEIC adds a certain value to your diploma, and plays a part in boosting your employability once leaving the school. It remains certain that passing the TOEIC within your school is a great way to prepare for an international career.


If you’re already in active life, the TOEIC can be a formidable asset for you too.

To begin with, it allows you to certify your ability to evolve in an English-speaking professional setting. Indeed, the TOEIC is an exam specifically wired towards the active life which ascertain your level of oral and written comprehension of business English. No matter what kind of job you have, you will be extremely likely to have to work in English, for clients or suppliers for instance.

You can also use the TOEIC to broaden your missions in the course of your career. First, it may be an argument to ask for a salary increase, since it elevates you from your colleagues and add to your competencies. It may also allow you to obtain a promotion. If a new position opens up, it will make it easier to get ahead of other applicants. A TOEIC certifies your competencies and your ability to work in English.

Similarly, firms may have offices in several countries. Mobility amongst subsidiaries is often encouraged, which means a TOEIC will be appreciated there. The TOEIC is your best shot to obtain a work placement abroad and expatriate, as there are no better ways to certify your professional English level. Its worldwide recognition ensures it is seen as an international tool advocating for your mobility.

Finally, the TOEIC may act as a real boost to your career, allowing you to access foreign positions. A new project, evasion dreams… If you want to challenge yourself by leaving home, passing the TOEIC is appropriate, as it guarantees your language level. It will certainly help you in your job hunt abroad. the TOEIC exam will give you a really must have for your resume.


You may well choose to pass the TOEIC despite there being no such requirements at school or at work.

Choosing to pass a language test such as the TOEIC is a worthy goal. If you speak English, but feel like you’re stuck; if you are eager to learn and improve your level; passing the TOEIC might be the ideal solution for you. It will give you a clearer idea of your level, and by training for it, you will see quick progress. You can also quantify this goal by fixing a minimal score to obtain. For instance, you might choose to pass the TOEIC after a trip abroad to see how well you’ve improved in your understanding of the language.

If you’re fond of challenges, the TOEIC might be your next dare! You’re competitive, always seeking excellence… Go ahead! You can dare yourself to obtain the best score possible at the TOEIC. This type of challenge is the best way to prove to yourself that you’re able to reach your own goals.

Finally, the TOEIC remains without doubt the best way to certify your English level. Given that it is only valid for 2 years, its accuracy is as close as possible to reality, ensuring the test is reliable. It is best suited for you to ascertain your ability to understand English.

The TOEIC is a way to promote your work. Renowned worldwide, it is a way for you to quantify your work and efforts. On a personal level, obtaining it can be a source of satisfaction for you. But the TOEIC is also a mean to show others your motivation: it can be a source of recognition.

Succeeding in passing the TOEIC increases your self-worth and confidence.


The TOEIC does not merely concern active workers. If you don’t yet have a work or have lost it, obtaining the TOEIC may help you in your search.

To begin with, it can give you an edge. The job hunting process, short or long-lived, is far from being a walk in the park. Through passing the TOEIC, you’re showing recruiters you’re still in an active process, which they will certainly appreciate. Registering to the TOEIC shows your motivation; preparing for it demonstrates your thoroughness and ability to get to work. Finally, the results reflect the efforts you’ve put into obtaining the TOEIC. It is an excellent way to demonstrate your multiple competencies.

On your CV, the TOEIC remains an international proof of your English level. It will help you get ahead, shine amongst other candidates. It will make a difference against an applicant who hasn’t passed the exam. Passing the TOEIC enhances your chances of employability. Indeed, a TOEIC certification on your CV will impress recruiters, as it will demonstrate you are qualified for a position requiring you to speak in English. In conclusion, the TOEIC will reassure your future employers as to your ability to work in English.

It can be a real competitive asset for you!

There are numerous people choosing to pass the TOEIC, with various profiles and different reasons. The TOEIC is indeed adapted to your needs and your journey. However, it is most likely a minimal score will be required, whatever use you have of it. It is thus important to prepare thoroughly for the exam. The TOEIC test is very standardised, meaning you can familiarise yourself to it with different exercises. Each part requires specific competencies. Training for the TOEIC means aiming to improve at all of the various competencies.

Moreover, a good understanding of the test will ensure you won’t be surprised on the given day. You will be more at ease if you know what to expect from the various parts of the written and oral comprehension. A good preparation is key to a good score at the TOEIC.

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