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TOEIC exam: a must-have for your resume

What is TOEIC exam?

TOEIC exam, for Test of English for International Communication, is a standardized English reputable language skill test developed and administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service) in the United States. It is designed to measure non-native English speakers’ professional English-language communication skills, since TOEIC exam is internationally recognized and accepted around the world. Candidates who work for international companies and expect promotions, seek to obtain a better position on the labour market or plan to receive international training would apply for TOEIC exam. Starting from 1979, organizations around the world have used the TOEIC exam to hire, promote, and place employees, now as it is still expanding, approximately 14,000 businesses, organizations, and government agencies in 150 countries accept test results of TOEIC exam. Have a good TOEIC score is an opportunity to study abroad, for exemple in US universities or MBA programme.

The TOEIC exam is composed of three different assessment families.

The first assessment family is TOEIC Listening and Reading test. It is a multiple-choice test answered in paper and ranging from beginner to advanced level (A1-C1) aiming at evaluating candidates’ proficiency in English reading and listening skills.

The second one is TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests, executed via internet and ranging from beginner to advanced level (A1-C1) aiming at evaluating candidates’ proficiency in English speaking and writing skills. The third one is also a multiple-choice test answered in paper called TOEIC Bridge test, ranging from beginner to intermediate level (A1-B1) and aiming at evaluating candidates’ proficiency in English reading and listening skills.

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How is TOEIC exam relevant to business?

For the purpose of workplace English communication ability testing, there are certain recurring themes contained in the topics relevant to company’s human resources such as

  • hiring, contract, pensions, lay-off; relations between employees, relationships between company departments concerning purchase, R&D, production, quality control, etc.;
  • communication and technologies such as emails exchange, business meetings and conferences, computer software application and management, etc.;
  • finances and budget such as investments, budget, taxes, accounting, invoicing, etc.;
  • transports such as trips and travelling organisation etc.;
  • entertainment such as business meals, culture, media, etc.;
  • health management such as relations with doctors, insurance, etc.

Why is TOEIC exam important for work resume?

TOEIC exam is now considered as the global standard for assessing English proficiency for business in that it is able to not only help businesses build a more effective workforce, but also bring job seekers and employees a competitive edge over their peers and get ahead of the competition. Organizations choose TOEIC exam since it is a highly regarded standardized English test and extensively accessible, and it is simply easy for organizations to identify the score as a world standard and trust the result. TOEIC exam offers to business establishments better ways to evaluate and classify the English level of their staff and arrange their positions accordingly by relating test scores to the tasks employees who may perform on the job. Furthermore, when it comes to recruiting new staff, a TOEIC score could be one of standards companies use through the descriptions to inform critical hiring and placement decisions and select the employee with the English-language abilities the job requires. Plus, it also presents how much time their staff is spending on developing themselves.

In addition, for academic institutions who want their students to master proper business English skills to succeed in their professional life, TOEIC exam is the right test to prepare school test takers for the global workforce. ETS has remained ongoing research on simulating real-life situations to help ensure that the TOEIC exam is accurate and relevant to today’s changing global workplace, which helps internationally competitive companies hire, place and promote the right candidates year after year. Therefore, for candidates who are ready to demonstrate how well you listen and read in workplace English and stand out from the competition in today’s global marketplace, TOEIC exam will help you enhance your credentials and your resume to make it come true.

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