Goal: 100% engagement

While a magic potion for engaging your learners might not exist, we can count 3 best practices that are easy to adopt.
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Best practice n°1: stay simple

In the midst of the plethora of existing of e-learning solutions, our instructional engineers have designed a simple, effective user experience for your learners, dedicated to achieving their goals.

Best practice n°2: play the game

Are you ready to play the game? Build the engagement plan that works for you with your Customer Success Manager. There are 1,000 ways to get involved in making your e-learning training a success:
Idea 1
Create a custom assessment test and automate the assignment of customized study plan
Idea 87
Organize a mock exam at the beginning, middle and end of the course to measure your students' progress
Idea 190
Set up a grading system according to the criteria of your choice for each semester's work
Idea 264
Correct the written and oral productions of your learners to allow them to progress more quickly

Best practice n°3: communicate, communicate, communicate

No news, no news, ... and no commitment! To get noticed in the middle of the continuous flow of e-mails and notifications your learners receive, our team will help you reach out with relevant communications at the best time:
Personalized emails and periodic tracking
From the introduction of the platform and its operation to periodic progress monitoring to encourage motivation, we personalize each message sent
One-time communications
An ad on your social networks? A poster in your establishment? A face-to-face presentation of the platform? Carry out all your ideas
Integration with your environment
The most effective communication is continuous communication: our technical team allows you to integrate GlobalExam into your work environment via SSO or API

Choose your personalized services to engage your students

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