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B2 First (FCE) Reading and Use of English – Part 7

B2 First (FCE) is a language exam that covers four skills areas and Use of English. On the CEFR, B2 is an upper-intermediate level of English, which is why many universities now accept B2 First as a replacement for an IELTS grade. The exam is 3.5 hours long and you get your results online in about 2 to 3 weeks after your exam date. This test evaluate 4 skills: reading and use of english, written expression, listening comprehension and oral expression.

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What’s in Part 7?

The question type you will answer here is called multiple matching. This means that you will be given a text split into sections and a series of statements. You have to match the statement to the correct paragraph, based on the content of that paragraph. It’s like finding a heading or title for each section of text. There are 10 questions in this section and it focuses on testing your ability to read for detail, specific information etc.

How do I answer this type of question?

The main thing to do here is read the statements and underline the key words in them. This helps you focus in the meaning of each statement. Then you read the first paragraph and highlight some key words. After reading one, look at the statements again and see if one fits. Repeat this for the other paragraphs.

Here is an example of a part 7 task.

Julie Anne Nelson describes her love for animals and the role they play in her life.

Let’s be honest and admit that interactions between humans are tricky. They are. It doesn’t mean we should cast off all humans and go live in a cabin in the mountains – we shouldn’t,right? It does sound awfully tempting on the tougher days. One of the big problems with humans is that we hold onto things, we have expectations and needs, we tend toward a fairly narrow worldview that mostly involves how we feel about everyone and everything around us. We’re not all bad and we make some amazing things (music is one of my favourite human endeavours, along with writing and painting, science and exploration, sushi and ice cream…). But for some of us, there is something missing when we exist entirely in a world of humans, because for as great as humans can be, there is much we have to learn from the animals who share this world withus, especially the ones who live in our homes or in our barns.

We live in a time of distractions, where our hyper minds constantly seek new input. The television blares, with angry voices on the news, violence and pain fills our movies and TV shows, games involve tearing each other (or zombies) apart. And when the TV isn’t on, we have computers, tablets, and smartphones to feed us our social media. Our minds are so busy that we rarely stop to take in the silence, and when we do, it feels strange. When all of the noise gets to me, I look at my pup Aggie, who knows just when to step between me and whatever amusement is exhausting me, placing her body in perfect hugging distance. Aggie has a very gentle soul and knows things about me before I know them myself. I can hold her and rest my face against her and give her my agitated feelings while she gives me a peaceful connection.

I am a person who enjoys solitude, who has lived alone most of my adult life, and without my pups, life would feel too quiet. My pups give my day focus and the best kinds of distractions, the ones that pull me away from technology and take me outside for walks at a park or in the mountains. Our animals wear many hats in our lives. They are best friends, confidants, exercise partners. They teach us everything important to know about love. They don’t judge like we do. They see life in the moment. And they have a very clear understanding about what is good and what is bad. Treats, good. Bath, bad. My Aggie can give a stink eye like crazy when she is displeased with me, but earning her happy wagging tail doesn’t take fifty apologies, just submitting to what she wants at that moment. And she won’t bring it up ever again, because that moment is over and she has moved on to the next one.

Every life has its ups and downs and through the darkest moments of my life, my dogs are the companions that kept me going and I don’t want to ever imagine being without them. So whether you delight in riding a horse up a mountain trail, while sharing all your problems, or you have a special friendship with a pig, a cat, a dog, a snake, I commend you for sharing your human existence with the creatures who add so much to our lives, who wear so many hats and fill so many roles. Give them a good scratch and a hug, and take a moment to be grateful that they came to share their lives with you.

Which paragraph mentions the idea that she doesn’t need the company of others to be happy?

Which paragraph explains that it’s easier to deal with animals because humans are more prejudiced about everything?

Keep going… don’t stop now!

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